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Koyasu Takehito-san ga Daisuki!
Pictures and information on my favorite male voice actor.
The White Pages
Pictures and information on the male seiyuu unit Weiss and the anime series Weiss kreuz.
Anime English Quotations
A collection of English-language blurbs about various anime series, taken from video packages, shitajiki, notebooks, and other goods.
Anime Characters Separated at Birth?
A small, incomplete site with separated-at-birth pictures.
Gokinjo Monogatari NEW!
Information on the shoujo manga by Ai Yazawa.
Some hazy lyrics to anime songs and my shopping guides to Tokyo.
On other sites:
Anime Birthday Calendar
A huge listing of the birthdays of anime, manga, and game characters, as well as seiyuu and creators.
Anime Parody Milk Ads
As the title states, Milk ads featuring anime characters. Also features other silliness like Rurouni Kenshin and Fushigi Yuugi pickup lines.
Sumire's Gundam Wing Pages
Links to my many Gundam Wing pages, including somewhat rare promotional illustrations, doujinshi scans, and the Zechs and Noin Shrine.
The Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai Guide
A guide to the popular shoujo manga by Ai Yazawa. (under construction)
Sumire's Dagwon Guide
A small page about a little-known bishounen-laden series.
Sumire's Grainy Gundam X Gallery
A few pictures of my favorite Gundam X characters, Roybea Loy and Ennil En.

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