Area 88 English Quotes


Far from Japan, in the Kingdom of Asran, in the Middle East, a fierce battle was being fought between the government and anti- government forces.

The hero, Shin Kazama, who had come to this country as an overseas trainee of a Japanese private airlines, joined the foreign legion against his will, a victim of his best friend Kanzaki's intrigue, and became a fighter pilot of the government forces.

At the government forces'base, dubbed Area 88, which is on the battle line, many mercenaries, each of whom keeps dark memories of the past in mind, are fighting day in and day out under the command of Saki. But only Heaven knows their destiny. What will become of our hero, who, in a foreign land, is prepared to fight till the last day, filled with such determination as to seem almost tragic, dreaming of the day when he will be able to go back to his homeland and to his beloved Ryoko...?

from a shopping bag (AC)

Bloody rose for God throne.....
Flower of life for soldier's twilight destiny.....

from a notebook (AC)

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