Ah! My Goddess English Quotes

Keiichi Morisato is a student at Nekomioka University. One day, he accidentally telephones the "Helper Goddess Office" and speaks to the goddess Belldandy. When she offers to grant him one wish, he replies: "I want to be with a goddess like you!"

Thus, by a powerful force, Keiichi and Belldandy are brought closely together. Belldandy's sister, Urd and the mechanically-minded Skuld, are so concerned about the new couple that they come to earth to live with them...

"Merciful and Helpful Goddess Office"
Sorry for the late introduction,
but my name is "Belldandy".
I wish a goddess like you
could stay with me forever!
My name is Belldandy.

Please listen to my word under
the name of the roof-tile!
Please relieve that person!
Person standing in my way!
Please open the door for me,
or give me the key to open the door.

BELLDANDY The Goddess of the "Present".

A goddess with a Grade 1, 2nd Class unlimited license, she's beautiful, honest, pure and gentle. Her agreement with Keiichi (who said: "I wish a goddess like you were always at my side") keeps her in the human world.

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