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The CLAMP School, with its integrated curriculum from kindargarten to post- graduate studies, was founded by the largest of Japanese business empires, the House of Imonoyama. Funded entirely out of its own deep pocket, it was hoped that the school would be a haven for young men and women on whose shoulders our future would rest.
Encompassing every major facility within itself, such as boarding houses, banks, and hospitals, this vast city-school houses students, faculty, other employees and their family alike bringing the total number of people who live, study and work there in excess of ten thousand.
The CLAMP School is {illegible} to any {illegible} spective {illegible} financial {illegible} count {illegible} harboring a remarkably high percentage of party-animals.

source not documented

CLAMP Gakuen, embracing kindergarten to graduate school, was established by the private funds of the Imonoyama family, the largest zaibatsu in Japan, in hopes of providing modest educational facilities for young people who are the support and driving force of the future. There are more than ten thousand inhabitants including students, faculty, the staff of various facilities, and their families in the large college town equipped with everything from dormitories and banks to hospitals. The school is open to everyone with talent regardless of birth or financial standing, and is famous for the many gifted students, but is also well known for their love of festivities.

from a shitajiki

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