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Future GPX Cyber Formula

The story takes place in around the year 2000 AD. Amongst the hoards of good old gasoline-powered automobiles, "cyber wheels" appear, equipped with non-polluting engines and advanced navigational systems called "cyber systems." Cyber wheels provide a safe and comfortable automobile society for humans.
By now, all racing vehicles are furnished with highly sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) computers, and are called "Cyber Formula." A racing machine of this "Cyber Formula" type can at best be operated by a child who has never driven a car. As long as he follows the instructions given by the computer, it will take the child to his destination. If there is any danger, the computer will automatically avoid it, or change the car's scheduled course. Moreover, this safety feature only works in the context of ordinary navigation.

HAYATO KAZAMI Hayato Kazami, known as "Ushiwaka-Maru" of the Siber Formula World, coincidentally became a driver of the Earth-Rider which was invented by his deceased father. Being tempermental, Hayato tended to easily get mad at Asuka and the Earth-Rider, but he learned to be tolerant toward them as he grew.

NAOKI SHINJYO Known as a "young Soldier", Naoki Shinjo was an expert on-road racer. Despite unexpected member changes for the current World Grand Prix, Naoki has grown to be an experienced racer with a human touch.

KARL LICHTER VON RANDOLL Randoll, blessed with a "god given talent", has so far won every single race he entered. His behavior and actions reflect his aristecratic upbringing. He joined the Grand Prix in the middle of the season, and became the biggest rival of Hayato. Since then, the results have been that he won half and Hayato won half of the races.

BLEED KAGA Bleed Kaga is often misunderstood as shallow type, but is indeed a man of principle, which makes him so attractive to others. He used to race on grass tracks. Since he was scouted by Kyoko Aoi, he has been racing as a member of Aoi Zip Formula. He is a good adviser to Hayato and raced superbly at Fire-Ball.

JACKIE GUDELHIAN Born and raised in the US, Gudelhian is a good rival as well as a bad (?) friend of Heidel. The audiences enjoy his aggressive racing style which is highly characteristic of America in general. He is always surrounded by beautiful ladies, and everyone around him was naturally envious of him. However, his lady-pleasing courtship remains to be one of his charms.

FRANZ HEINEL Heidel appears detached and aloof, but is a gentle boy. His odd-relation with Gudelian is well known. Heidel places more importance on engine performance than on the skill of a driver. Having born into the family of a car-maker, Heidel is an accomplished racer.

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A new struggle begins... Hayato Kazami, the
double-one champ, is the reigning world champion.
His ability blossomed all at once during his fight
Night shumach, so he no longer feels pressure.
Faster and faster... He had no real rivals, but...
There is a point beyond which human ability
cannot be stretched. It is:the "Zero Zone."

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