The Vision of Escaflowne English Quotes

The Vision of ESCAFLOWNE

With a crush on a track team senior and an interest in fortune-telling, Hitomi Kanzaki was a typical first-year hight school student... Until the day she experienced a strange vision that changed her life.
The following day, a boy named Van and a dragon show up at Hitomi's school! As it turns out, they are from the alien world that Hitomi saw in her vision and they take her back with them to a place called Gaea.
To obtain the power he needs to defeat the invaders, Van rushes down into the cellar of his castle, where Escaflowne lies sleeping. Escaflowne is a legendary god of protection who can only be moved by the Energist-wielding King of Fanelia.
So begins the long struggle of Van, Hitomi and Escaflowne...

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