Fushigi Yuugi English Quotes

One day, Miaka happened to find
an old book "Shijintenchisho" at the library.
She entered into the mysterious world written in the book,
then met the boy named "Tamahome".
They'd fall in love each other,
while Yui came out...!?

Miaka Yuuki, a 3rd year junior high school student, finds an old book in the library called THE UNIVERSE OF THE FOUR GODS. The moment she opens it, she is transported to the world inside the book. Once there, Miaka is attacked by a ruffian but saved by a handsome boy. The moment she's saved, however, she finds herself back in the real world again.

The Universe of The Four Gods

Suzaku Shichiseishi

Tamahome Hotori Nuriko Tasuki Chichiri Mitsukake Chiriko & Miaka

Just when the country is on the brink of destruction, a girl appears to open the portals to another world and acquire the divine powersof Suzaku. The girl who obtains the divine powers of Suzaku shall use them to lead the nation. She shall be the Shrine Maiden of Suzaku. She must seek out the Shichiseishi of Suzaku who are destined to protect and give power to the Shrine Maiden. They gather at the Nanpo Suzaku Shichiseishuku, where Suzaku, the protector of Konankoku will appear and bestow three divine powers upon the Shrine Maiden.

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