Giant Gorg English Quotes

This is a story five or six years from now.
An island was born on the South seas,
and soon went down into the sea.
As a matter of fact, however, this island
-- Austral Island -- did not sink at all.
It was hidden [obscured]l.
The legend says [obscured]sland there is
a secret buried [obscured] can conquer
and c[obscured] together with
the remains of a[obscured]errestial
According to [obscured]r's [obscured] Yue Tagami
went to the United States and saw
Dr. Wave, who was also very interested in
the secret of Austral Island [obscured]his father.
But, there, the attack by Gail was made on
them. Yue and Dr. Wave had a narrow
At last, they reached Austral Island thanks
to the help of the Captain, who was
Dr. Wave's informant.
Austral Island consisted of various strange
geographical features making the Island a
peculiar world. In the Island, Yue met a
Gigantic God, "Gorg", and they made
themselves understood to each other.
Adventures of Yue and his party led by
Gorg to figure out the secret began throgh
the battles royal with Gail, Cougar
Connection, and Monsters in this strange,
mysterious Island -- Austral.

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