Gokinjo Monogatari English Quotes

Gokinjo Monogatari


Tsutomu and Mikako have been friends since childhood.

Nice Body-ko

Mikako is a highly individual high school girl who attends Yazawa Art School, hoping to become a fashion designer. Tsutomu lives in the apartment next door. His resemblance to the vocalist in a popular band makes him a hit with the girls, and this makes Mikako jealous. Tsutomu has always had a crush on Mikako, but he decides to expand his horizons by dating a "Nice Body-ko." This upsets Mikako, but-always stubborn-she shakes things up by dying her hair blond. She just can't give up so easily. Will they get together? Remain apart? What will happen between these two hesitant people?

from a shitajiki

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