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Note: The character descriptions evidently come from an early draft of the show. Don't take them too seriously.

The prosperous World Federation controls 10-15 colonies at a LaGrange Point. Its citizens appear to be living peaceful, ordinary lives... The Federal Army is supposed to be enforcing law and order, but within it is a secret faction called "OZ" that is plotting a military coup. Oz is attracting more members all the time.
Working with members of the privileged classes, Oz assassinates all who oppose it and seizes power over the colonies. Using military might to enforce its will, Oz establishes a new Terrestrial Federation.
However, there are still some who oppose the new order, who refuse to submit to the dictatorship of Oz!
Five agents and five secretly developed GUNDAM machines are sent to Earth, where the Terrestrial Federation is headquartered. Their top-secret mission: to destroy the mobile suits that form the backbone of the Terrestrial Federation's military power! Unable to acknowledge one another, each of hte five agents must regard everyone -- from fellow agents to the MS Squadron led by Oz's ace pilot, Zechs Merquise -- as enemies. With no clear distinction between friend and foe, the fight slowly expands. Each of the five professionals turns his back on his own country and compatriots and fights instead for his own honor and beliefs.
And then Relena, Queen of a peace-loving nation, appears before them...
These five young men have been sent to Earth only to fight. What do they gain? And what do they lose?
Ideals... Friendship... Trust... How about pride? Dreams? Love?
Eventually, the true identities of the evil organization Oz and its secret leaders are revealed...
Once again, five new GUNDAMS and their warriors set the universe aflame in a battle for peace and freedom!


The pilot of WING GUNDAM, his slender figure and pretty face lead many to mistake him for a girl. He is, however, 100% male - and he has a wild glitter in his eyes to prove it. He's been sent to Earth along with WING GUNDAM to destroy the mobile suits and weapon mechanisms of Oz. His training as an agent began in early childhood, and as a result he is an excellent pilot. Personally, he's a quiet boy whose occasional use of rough language puts some people off. In his heart of hearts, he hates fighting - but, when push comes to shove, his deeply ingrained fighting spirit takes over and strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies. His fateful meeting with Relena, however, awakens the boy's heart within him.


The pilot of the scythe-wielding GUNDAM2 (GUNDAM DEATHSCYTHE, which never shows itself to its opponents), Duo is surprisingly cheerful. He was adopted as an orphan and raised by a group of space nomads called "war cleaners". It's no exaggeration to say that his background has made him a good warrior - and a good person. He sometimes acts as peace-maker for his fellow pilots, bringing them conversation and good cheer. He doesn't hate fighting. He knows it's for a good cause, but he nevertheless has mixed feelings about spending his days at war. Of course, he never mentions this to anyone. You coul dsay that he has great fortitude. Then again, you might also say that he's just plain stubborn.

from a shitajiki. And yes, that "coul dsay" typo is on there.


A mysterious boy who wears the make-up of a clown - or hides behind pair of dark sunglasses. His name is probably false. No one knows his real identity - or, for that matter, his age or nationality. He pilots GUNDAM 3 (GUNDAM HEAVYARMS). Despite his laughing clown's make-up, he is always somber, cool and quiet. His actions sometimes reveal the sadness of one forced to live among people who like to fight. He sees himself as a weapon made for fighting and is resigned to whatever fate has in store for him, but he knows that nothing will be solved, regardless of how many foes he kills. He conceals his GUNDAM by roaming the world as part of a travelling Mobile Suit Circus.


The pilot of GUNDAM 4 (GUNDAM SANDROCK), he is the beautiful blond heir of the Wiener family, one of the richest and most aristocratic families in the Neo - Arab Colony. He's physically weak and rather quiet, but he's something of a genius when it comes to painting and music. His family has resisted Oz from the beginning, but they did not want him to operate a GUNDAM. In the end, however, they had no choice but to rely on his brilliant abilities as a pilot. (He was not hired by the government.) The pilots of the Wiener family's 48 mobile suits all trust him deeply.

from a shitajiki. And yes, it says both "WINNER" and "Wiener."


The pilot of GUNDAM 5 (SHENLONG GUNDAM), he's the direct descendant of a clan of ancient Chinese warriors and bears the name of a true fighting man. He instinctively senses when people have evil thoughts, identifies them as enemies and then relentlessly attacks them. Extremely proud of his name and lineage, he brooks no insult. He prefers to act on his own. In battle, he appears with the sun and fights with the hot courage of a messenger of justice. Good and evil are perfectly clear to him -and evil must be destroyed at all costs. His conviction enables him to attack without hesitation. He likes to fight with his bare hands rather than with the GUNDAM. Off the battlefield, however, he is quiet and shy. His innocence leads him to do surprising things that often result in exactly the opposite of what he had intended.


Everything is mine : people, earch, light-even the vacuum of space!

from a shitajiki. Yes, the "earch" belongs to Treize.

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