Karuizawa Syndrome English Quotes


Born December 12,1957.A free-lance photographer. Out of work in Tokyo, he came to Karuizawa with Sumio Matsunuma whose sister lived there. For some reason or another, many girls fancy him. His favorite car is MB.His hobby is picking up girls.

Born January 8,1959.An illustrator yet to make it. The brother of Kaoru, he has been grudgingly associated with Kohei, having studied at the same university and worked for the same company. Height and weight unknown. Weak at women and poker.

Born September 20,1955.Works at the Karuizawa Institute of Advanced Studies of T.University of Art.She is the older sister of Sumio and distantly related to Kohei. Though born in Omiya, she lives alone in the family cottage at Karuizawa, as it is convenient for her job. A hipster.

Born November 24,1959. A native of Karuizawa. The only child, she helps her parents who run a folkcraft shop, "Woody," though she spends more time at the neighboring coffeehouse, "La Kuka." A friend of Kaoru. Still a virgin, a rare find.

from a shitajiki (AC)

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