Metal Fighter Miku English Quotes

In the Tokyo of the near future, a completely new form of fighting-- neo-pro wrestling--is all the rage. Its fighters wear power-up protectors also called "metal suits". Tokyo Women's Professional Wrestling Agency, or TWP --the small, privately-run-- is a home of the Pretty Four, an all-girl tag team consisting of Sayaka,Ginko, Nana and the newcomer Miku. The SHIBANO World Women's Professional Wrestling Agency (SWWP) is a huge organization run by a conglomerate. SWWP has challenged TWP to an inter-agency championship, the winner of which will get a chance to fight the legendary Grand Champion, Aquamarine. TWP Chairman Harajuku has declined the challenge because he doesn't want Miku and her team mates to get hurt, but Sapphire with Moonlight Jewelries, SWWP's toughest wrestling team, has interrupted a Pretty Four match and beat up Miku and her team mates. Standing in the ring after their defeat, Miku and her team mates vow revenge on Sapphire and come to in the inter-agency championship after all....

A pretty young woman whose fascination with the proud female warrior Aquamarine led her to enter the world of neo-pro wrestling. She sometimes makes big mistakes because of her carelessness. But she loves professional wrestling and is always cheerful and tough in the ring.

A former juvenile delinquent, she is making quite a name for herself in the world of pro wrestling.When angered, she's capable of anything and often surprises even herself. She is Miku's confidante. Through her experience, she becomes the most responsible girl on the team.

A wealthy young woman from a nearby prefecture, she was recruited by the chairwoman of TWP whild on a shopping trip to Tokyo. She's the leader of the Pretty Four.

A rational wrestler, this clear-headed girl remains calm in any situation. She's very precocious, and her maturity often enables her to win arguments with Miku and friends.

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