Magic Knight Rayearth English Quotes


Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji suddenly find themselves transported to Cefiro, a world of magic and monsters. Kleph, an ancient wizard, tells them that they have been summoned by the guardian of Cefiro, Princess Emerode. Once a paradise, Cefiro is now in chaos. In order to save this fragile world, the three girls must win their spurs to become Magic Knights, for only the combined powers of the Knights can hope to challenge the evil priest, Zagat, and so save the Princess and Cefiro from oblivion.

Magic Knights summoned from an alien world, may you triumph in your quest and so save Cefiro.

Hikaru,Umi and Fuu once again became actively engaged in this alien land to save Cefiro in its hour of crisis. One aim was to find a new "pillar" and aid the rebirth of Cefilo. The other was to engage the "enemy" that was bent on this Assault on Cefiro.


To save this Earth, we'll safeguard our dream.

The precious ovum itself is proof of the oath sworn to those who set eyes upon Mokona:Your wishes will be granted if you are able to invest it with eternal radiance...

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