Ranma 1/2 English Quotes


The Saotome Father and Son, Genma and Ranma, returned from their trip for the purpose of the knowledge of musha in China. However, at the Tendou house where they were staying, appears a Giant Panda and a girl who claims to be called Ranma! Love and tears, Kenpou and Kendou and Tendou, Panda and human and man and woman are pitted against each other!

from a shitajiki

You are cute when you smile.

your elegant rhythmic gymnastics seems to float across my mind.

kill it!
Go to hell!

Dad what are you doing here...

Did you almost do it?

Damn it!even if a panda answers the phone it can't speak.

Well, let's change the pair and turn over a new leaf... resume play.

from a notebook

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