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On the planet that used to be called earth, a fierce battle was going on between good and evil gods which also involved man. After the cruel battle that may well be called the final warfare, it was the good gods who secured [obscured] Howe[obscured] good gods who had locked up the evil [obscured] nal [obscured] on had consumed all of their energy [obscured] following their fate.

[Obscured] one [obscured] illion years, in 199x A.D., three [obscured] appeared in Kusiro City, Hokkaido and [obscured] g the city with an overwhelming power of [obscured]. Houses were smashed and people fled with [obscured] eams. At that time, a huge lock with the face of a devil carved upon it appeared in the sky over the city as if it had been attracted by the screams. In apprearance, the lock was ugly and eerie; an evil god was confined within. Empress Zala, a goddess who is a deacendant of the evil gods, sent an energy wave of agony and despair upon mankind to the lock to strengthen the power of the confined Drago so that together they could conquer the world.

The counter attack of the Japan Self Defense Force was in vain and the city gradually crumbled into pieces. Residents were running in every direction among the wreck But among the people there was a hero, Ken Taiga. Ken's grandfather, Ryuzo Taiga, arrived riding an unbridled horse. "Ken, call up Ryger. If someone tries to wake the devil confined in the lock, he who is descended from the lion must shout the name of Ryger toward the heavens...This is the legend told in the Taigas". At the moment when Ken's anger peaked, the lion-shaped birthmark appeared in his palm. Standing up straight, Ken shouted toward the heavens, "Ryger!!". A giant dauntlessly blocked the path of the Dragonights'. Now, the battle of Ken and Ryger who must try to keep Drago confined in his eternal prison and destroy the conspiracy of the Drago Empire that seeks to conquer the world has just begun.

from a shitajiki (AC)

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