Gensoumaden Saiyuuki English Quotes

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Genjo Sanzo
A brutal and corrupt priest. He's self-centered, haughty and not entirely sane, but he's also a handsome gent with calm powers of judgement and lots of charisma. He is searching for a keepsake of his mentor, the former Sanzo priest who was killed by ghosts.
His weapons are the sutras of good and evil, a pistol, and a paper fan.

Son Goku
A heretic child born from a rock created by the earth's aura. He eats and plays, seeking only to satisfy his instincts. He's a straight, talented kid who doesn't think very much about anything, but he is so powerful that he would be impossible to control without the kinko, a device for controlling spiritual power.
His weapon is the priest's staff, which doubles as a cudgel.

Sha Gojyo
A heavy smoker [illegible] weakness for the fairer sex has earned him the nickname "Erotic kapp[illegible] happy-go-lucky [illegible] might lead you to think he's irresponsible [illegible]
His weapon is a staff with a blade [illegible] the other. [illegible] in hand-to-hand combat.

Cho Hakkai
This gentle, quiet youth has a sad past that he never brings up with anyone. He uses his warm smile and his rich sense of humor to make fun of his companions. (Sometimes it's hard to know when he's kidding and when he's serious.)
His weapons are breathing techniques and a smile.

[illegible]yo used to be a world where humans and [illegible] could live together in peace. But suddenly, [illegible]sts have begun attacking humans. The attack is part of an [illegible] to revive the Great Evil Phantom, Gyumao, who has [illegible]aled in a tomb for 500 years.

[illegible]sends emissary Genjo Sanzo to the far western [illegible] of Tenjikukoku with three companions: Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai. The four must prevent Gyumao [illegible]ing completely resurrected and [illegible] who is responsible for the [illegible]

from a shitajiki

He is steadfastly righteous and loyal, and has earned great popularity from his subordinates. He has no hostility toward Sanzo and the others, but is unwillingly following Gyokumen Koushu in order to break the seal on Rasetsunyo, who is his mother.

Kougaiji... Son of Gyumao.

The posessor of magic power can manipulate Shoukanma like a puppet.

from a shitajiki

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