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shulato reiga Renge DANKUYA RYOMA HYUGA

It happened all of a sudden. Sixteen years-old Shulato Hidaka and his good friend Gai Kuroki disappeared into a mysterious light that abruptly emerged during the final match of the All Japan Junior Martial Arts Tournament. Since that time, the fatalistic adventures in their lives have begun.

When he regained consciousness, Shulato became aware that he had been reincarnated into Tenku-kai where the colossal Tenku-ju grows. Tenku-kai is a place that exists in mystery and fantasy and where the gods who command the evolution of man reside. In fact, Shulato had become Shula-ou who was a divine commander of the Dava tribe. He was recalled by Vishunu, chief of the Dava tribe. However, before he fully grasped such a fact, a shocking incident happened to Shulato. His old friend Gai who had been reincarnated into Yasha-ou began to harbor a hatred toward Shulato and chased after him to slay him. Although Shulato had been cornered into a dangerous situation, when he chanted a spell, "On-Shura-Sowaka," he found himself dressed in the armor of the divine commander "Shakty" and he was able to narrowly escape the crisis of his life.

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