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A spaceship with an all-male crew crash-lands on an unknown planet. Forced to make a life for themselves there, they name the place Terra II and make up for the lack of real women by using clone technology to develop android women. Over time, cities grow and prosper. Two centuries after the development of android women (known as the "Big Bang of Life"), Terra II is ruled by a royal house that traces its lineage back to the Original Clone. Faith, a clone belonging to Villay (the administrator of the main city of Romana), rebels, imprisoning his "father" Villay and attempting to take over the throne. Junior, another of Villay's "sons," is determined to rescue Villay. Together with the three Saber Marionettes-Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry-he attacks Faith. Faith responds with a powerful army of followers known as Sexadolls. Who will triumph?


* Cherry * * Lime * * Bloodberry *

An immigrant spaceship MESOPOTAMIA had flown out of the overpopulated Earth,
and met with an accident as she traveled through space.
The ship crashed on a planet called Terra II.
Six fortunate men survived the crash.
Later, they created their own clones and high - performance androids.
Then three hundred years had passed.
Here lived a boy named Otaru Mamiya in a tenement house in Japones a city - state on Planet Tetslar.
He was known to be a marionette freak in that tenement house.
Marionette is a high - performance android that copies the appearance of a human female but has no emotion.
One day in a half-deserted historic archives in the suburbs of Japones, Otaru encountered Lime,
the strangest marionette that had ever seen. What is so strange about it ?
Well, it talks and moves just like a living human !

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