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Tenchi muyo! Ryo oh ki

The threat to the Milky Way caused by Kagato has passed and the Masaki household has returned to peaceful--if boisterous--normality. This is the story of Aeka-- the First Princess of the planet Jurai, her younger sister Sasami, Mihoshi--the 1st Class Galactic Police Detective, the brilliant scientist Washu, and Ryoko--the space pirate who flies under the seal of the Masaki Shrine....All pretty girls and all caught up in an endless rivalry of love that spans Tenchi....

Shin TenChi Muyo! 97

Tenchi is a young man who arrives in Tokyo in order to complete his training before taking over his family's shrine.

Ryoko and her friends create a dimension tunnel and arrive where Tenchi is.

Shin TenChi Muyo!

Sakuya Kumashiro developed onesided crash on Tenchi, her classmate.

Evil spirits of mountains, woods, and rivers appear one after another.

Will Tenchi's relationship survive the growing distance and rivalry?

There's also a mysterious girl named Yugi.

from a clear file (Robin Lionheart)


A female space pirate wanted throughout the universe for acts of armed robbery and plunder, she's short-tempered, selfish, and violent. She's crazy about Tenchi, however, and sometimes his roar can make her obedient. Her special abilities include teleportation, walking through walls and splitting. She can also send bursts of energy out of her hands.


The first princess of the universally known Imperial House of JURAI, she is modest and neat. On the other hand, she's also extremely proud and can be quite hysterical. She and Ryoko are rivals for Tenchi's love and so they don't get along at all.


A first-class detective with the Galactic Police, she's easy-going and doggedly independent. She's a master of coincidence and is always committing enormous blunders. Nevertheless, when all's said and done, she and her partner Kiyone make an excellent-and inseparable-team.


A first-class detective with the Galactic Police, she was an honors detective who has been unhappy ever since she was paired with Mihoshi. Her earnest, sober personality makes it easy for Mihoshi and others to control her. You might say she's like a guardian for Mihoshi.

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