Tokimeki Memorial English Quotes

Shiori Fujisaki

The star of Kirameki High School, she's fair of face and figure, good at all sports and a straight-A student. All the boys love her, but she has high standards when it comes to men. Her hobbies are collecting hair bands and listening to classical music; her favorite food is spaghetti.

Nozomi Kiyokawa

The star swimmer of Kirameki High School, she's a hard-training type who runs 10 kilometers every morning. But deep down, she's a gentle young lady who loves flowers.

Mio Kisaragi

A book-loving literary girl, she's physically weak and has such a tendency towards anemia that she sometimes faints during morning assembly. She's poor at sports and is rather shy and retiring (perhaps because she spends so much time inside). She loves Goethe and Chopin; her favorite food is eggs (she can't stand meat).

Yuina Himoo

She's as self-centered and as wildly ambitious as a mad scientist. Because she thinks of herself as a genius, she tends to look down on other people. She doesn't believe in anything that cannot be proven scientifically. She listens to classical music to relax.

Ayako Katagiri

This rough-and-ready bilingual girl doesn't fret about details. She likes unusual things and hopes to study art abroad after graduation. She hates water and cannot swim. Her hobbies are watching films and singing karaoke. She likes hamburgers and hates natto.

Saki Nijino

As manager of the Athletic Club, she's the idol of all the boys. She'd rather cheer others on than participate herself. She tends to be a bit nosy, but she takes good care of people and she always supports her boys. Her hobby is cooking; her main dish beef and potato stew.

Yukari Koshiki

Daughter of a wealthy family, she's always calm and unruffled - she even tends to be a little too relaxed at times. Her hobby is knitting sweaters and other things.

Mira Kagami

One of the most beautiful girls at Kirameki High School, she is so confident of her good looks that she takes a rather haughty attitude towards boys. She likes to eat melon.

Megumi Mikihara

She tends to be passive when it comes to boys and feels nervous around guys she especially likes. Her hobby is playing with animals. She doesn't stand out in a crowd, but she has lots of female friends.

Yuko Asahina

A bright and cheerful girl, she's not that good when it comes to school work but she's full of knowledge about everything else. Count on her to always have a grasp on the latest fashions and play spots.

Yumi Saotome

More noisy than cheerful, she sometimes tends to be a little selfish. A naive girl who loves amusement parks and zoos.

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