Girl's Revolution Utena English Quotes

Girl's Revolution Utena
If only you could keep your noble mind--these were the words of a boy
whom young
Utena had once met. Utena always wanted to be like him.
Now she has grown up to be a student of the prestigious Ootori School,
and is also a daring young lady.
The student council of the school is under the influence of "the rules of
Cachet of the Rose". The brave who is invincible in a series of duels shall
receive a bride of the rose and
a power of Duos.

Once bequeathed down a ring to be qualified as a "duelist",
Utena became the winner
of the duel and engaged with Anshi
The Power of Duos which is mighty enought to bring about a
revolution all over the world and the scent of a rose
allured her to step into a labyrinth.

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