Tenjouhen Utsunomiko English Quotes

A long time ago, there lived a boy in the
capital of Asuka. He had been given life by
the God of northern Heaven (Hokuten),
and he had a horn symbolizing
the union of earth and heaven.
Eventually, he became spiritually awaken.
As one of the disciples under Enno-Ozunu
of Kongozan, he fought the imperial
forces which controlled the public in
trying to consolidate power.
But sensing that worldly matters flowed
unchanged, the boy made a decision...
To embark on a voyage to the land
of the Gods for the future to come...
To meet the God the father
and question his heart.
Born as a human, yet different.
Not the God, yet aiming for the God.
He flies the heavens to understand himself.
A stranger of the heaven,
his name is UTSUNOMIKO.

from an LD jacket (AC)

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