Weiss Kreuz English Quotes

Everything is a process leading to a result.
To achieve the best results,
people wrack their brains, clench their teeth,
apply themselves diligently - and sometimes risk
their lives. Nevertheless,
the results of such efforts are not always happy.
Tears of grief and sobs of anger...
The results they achieved were always so.
Reality cannot be known.
Only they knew that... And so
they assumed the burden of false
sin and lived in the darkness where there is
no light, believing in the "Weiß"
that lives somewhere in this unkind town.
"Weiß" - endlessly clear white.

from a shitajiki


Your misfortune was
making an enemy of women.
Don't consider me on the
side of justice.
If you're an enemy of women,
then you're an enemy
of mine.


Don't think you're going to die easy.
You said before that a
red rose was the symbol of
those things lovely.
It suits you well.
Let the rest to me.
I take revenge for you.


Still doing stupid things.
Let's get on with business, work,
work. Wow, I'm really happy.
I hate people who can't
understand other people's pain.
No one can escape
my hunting grounds.


The gates to hell are about to
close. its time for you
to be on your way.
I guess I did'nt do such a good job.
Sorry, but you'll have to
wait just a little longer
before you get to die.

from the second photo collection Du lugst

Weiß kreuz

The people who judge and punish wicked men who are active behind the scenes escaping from laws are 'Weiß kreuz'. It means 'a white cross' in German and symbolizes the pure existence glittering in a dirty society.

from an Animedia premium poster

Webster's dictionary defines exotic as "strikingly unusual or colorful in appearance or effect." Kyoko Tsuchiya, the character designer of "Weiß," has made truly exotic pictures. She has brought to comic narratives a new point of view that is vastly different from the ones to which we are accustomed. In this box, you can see 40 pictures she drew. The images in the pictures make a dramatic departure from your everyday existence.


from the Weiß Postcard Box

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