Taiho Shichau Zo!/You're Under Arrest! English Quotes


Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto are female traffic cops at Bokuto Police Station. This is a thrilling police escapade about two loose cannons in Tokyo's downtown district.


Miyuki is a mechanic-at-heart who knows her way around an engine in a way that'd put most grease- monkeys to shame. She's worked on just about every kind of car imaginable from her own beloved Today to Natsumi's Moto Compo and bike-cop Nakajima's GSX, tuning them 'til they create better harmony than a Steinway, and she's even an expert at cyberspacing her way to the facts on any crime. Yet none of this means that she's all brains and cold steel. If anything, it just underscores how much of an alluringly mysterious woman she really is.


Natsumi's straight as an arrow and can't stand anybody who isn't, and she's unbelievably powerful. But she's also got a huge soft spot for just about anybody, and she's easily moved to tears. Her greatest strength is her unusual breaking technique, for which she relies on her uncommon strength:it's helped over many a tough hurdle. She can't get up in the morning---and she's got an appetite that'd embarras a Sumo wrestler, which kind of makes you wonder how she keeps that figure...

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