Sumire's Anime English Collection

or, Everything You Wanted to Know About Anime But Didn't Want to Translate

Many anime goods such as shitajiki (plastic writing boards) and notebooks include English-language text as part of the decoration. These blurbs range from the comically unfluent (some Sailor Moon quotes), to the bizarrely poetic (Ah! My Goddess), to the genuinely informative and useful (Gundam Wing). Quotes from many sources have been gathered here for your edification and amusement. Everything is quoted verbatim, and spelling and punctuation errors *aren't* mine. Enjoy!

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Last update 6/21/02: Added another Slayers quote, a tiny Sentimental Graffiti blurb, another Clamp Campus Detectives quote--amusingly, this seems to be the exact same quote I already had, as interpreted by a different translator--and a Houshin Engi one that's the worst I've seen in a while. Snark away! New titles: the early 90s kids'n'robots anime Raijin-Oh, Basara, BASTARD!!, Compiler, a very good Gokinjo Monogatari, Violinist of Hamelin (notice that it's spelled a different way on each shitajiki), Master of Mosquiton, Outlaw Star, and Zeta Gundam.
6/18/02: Added Kaori Yuki manga title God Child.
5/12/02: New titles Executive Committee (from the creator of Saiyuuki) and Angel Sanctuary, and new entries for Gensoumaden Saiyuuki, Gravitation, and Sotsugyo M.
1/9/02: Happy new year! New entries Fruits Basket, Lost Universe, and Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, and new additions to Saber Marionette J.

Many of these quotes were taken from shitajiki scans at I am even further indebted to Ardith Carlton, who e-mailed me a whole bunch of quotes. Arigatou!

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