Gokinjo Monogatari, Volume 7

Chapter 30: Ketsui Hyoumei

Ruriko finds out that she's three months pregnant, and she gets back together with Mikako's father.

Tsutomu tells Mikako she should be excited and happy to get the chance to pursue her dream, that no one would want to wear clothes made by a wishy-washy tragic heroine. Mikako finally decides to go to London.

None of Mikako's friends act like they'll miss her--they're too concerned about the rumor that "Gokinjo Monogatari" is going to end soon. Yuusuke grooms himself for the hero's part in "Gokinjo Monogatari 2".

On New Year's Day, Tsutomu asks Seiji to make sure Mikako doesn't get lonely in London--but not to lay a hand on her. Seiji laughs and says he's not interested in women, much to Tsutomu's shock.

Chapter 31: Akindo's Last Day

It's Akindo's last flea market event (actually, it's only the last one for Mikako).

Mikako's father has given Tsutomu many opportunities in photography, so Yuusuke derides Tsutomu as someone who just gets by on luck. Ayumi defends Tsutomu, and Yuusuke gets angry and storms off. Ayumi goes after him and suggests that they go to extra art classes (in preparation for fine-arts college) together. Yuusuke says, "You've really made me get serious, haven't you." Ayumi: "It's just because you really love art, that's all." Yuusuke: "I'm not talking about art!"

At the flea market, Shinohara, Nonchan, and Haru show up in the outfits Mikako made for them. Then Mikako and Tsutomu's parents, Seiji, Noriji, Toku-chan, and his fiancee show up. Seiji compliments Pii-chan on her stuffed animals, and she gets a nosebleed and instantly decides that she's found her prince at last. Mikako and Tsutomu tell her to give it up--he's actually... "...gay," says Tsutomu; "...an alien," says Mikako. While Tsutomu and Mikako argue, Pii-chan thinks, "A gay superpowered alien prince... how wonderful."

After the flea market, Akindo goes back to the atelier, where Body-ko is waiting with a surprise farewell party for Mikako. Mikako asks to see Jiro's eyes as a special favor, but he won't let anyone but Mikako see. As they take a group picture, Mikako says she'll come back and they'll all do another flea market together.

In voice-over, Mikako says the atelier was torn down a month after she left, and Akindo never got around to doing another flea market. "I felt like the introduction to my life was ending. The real fight is from here on..."

Last Chapter: Long-Distance Story

A day in the life of Mikako in London. It's been half a year since Mikako left Japan. She's not lonely living alone. Seiji lives nearby, and comes by to meet her every morning. They have a rule that they have to pay a fine if they speak Japanese to each other. Mikako falls asleep on the subway and dreams of home; she wakes up at her stop and meets her friends from the London Amazing School of Design (and passes Ten-Nai's Mamirin in a cameo appearance). After school, she writes a postcard to her mother, father, and baby sister Miwako. She has a letter from Body-ko in which she says she broke up with Shuu-chan because she can't forget Yuusuke. In the park, Mikako is sketching baby clothes and singing along to a Mambou tape. She looks up and sees--Tsutomu? It's actually Ken Nakagawa, and Mikako is suddenly overwhelmed by longing for Tsutomu. Over dinner, Seiji tells Mikako it's all right to cry and confide in him, but she says she's all right now. Mikako will continue her work.

Back in Japan, Noriji and Tsutomu enter a contest to win a trip to London... but they lose. Tsutomu finds out that Mikako's father is going to London and begs him to take him along. Body-ko gets Mikako's postcard, which says, "Don't give up, Body-ko! You're more pneumatic than anybody!" Mikako's father and Tsutomu leave for London.

Mikako says, "I don't want a happy ending, I want a happy mind."

Gokinjo Monogatari: Special Version

What has happened to the members of Akindo seven years after Gokinjo Monogatari ended? Stay tuned for the synopsis of this happy story about Miwako Kouda and her friends Hiroyuki and Arashi... ^_^

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