Gokinjo Monogatari Characters

(Volume 1)

Mikako Kouda
An individualistic girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer and having her own brand of clothing, "Happy Berry." Although she runs the household and cooks for her mother, she acts younger than her age. She's quick to anger and makes drastic changes in her appearance when she's upset.
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Mikako's long-suffering neighbor and friend since childhood. He gets a lot of unwanted attention because he looks exactly like popular singer Ken Nakagawa. He studies visual design at Yazawa Gakuin and makes little UFO-looking knick-knacks as a hobby, but he doesn't have a goal for the future.
Risa Kanzaki
Mikako's punk-rock classmate and friend. She came from Hokkaido to Tokyo to study to become a designer of children's clothing, but she's not quite all she seems to be...
Mai "Pii-chan" Oota
Mikako's friend and classmate. She has a high-pitched voice that earned her her nickname (she sounds like she's peeping) and wears cutesy little-girl storybook dresses. She makes stuffed animals and dreams of the day her prince will come.
Hamada-sensei ("Hama-chan")
Mikako's fashion design teacher. She's well-liked, but very strict.
Noriji Sunami
The superintendent of Mikako and Tsutomu's apartment building. As Mikako says, he has a scary face, but is really very nice. He has a crush on Mikako's mother.
Mariko "Nice Body-ko" Nakasu
An upperclassman in the school of interior design who becomes Tsutomu's first girlfriend. She's attractive (she was crowned "Miss YazaGaku" in the school's beauty contest), flirtatious, spoiled, selfish, and rich. She's always dressed from head to toe in Chanel.
Hiroaki "Toku-chan" Tokumori
A neighbor who has been like a big brother to Mikako and Tsutomu. Now, he mediates their arguments at his bar, the Blue Parrot.
Youichiro and Kimiko(?) Yamaguchi
Tsutomu's parents. Very ordinary people.
Ruriko Kouda
Mikako's mother, a successful shoujo mangaka (girls' cartoonist). She's rather irresponsible and childish.
Mikako's classmate.
Yuusuke Tashiro
Tsutomu's friend, classmate, and co-founder of Akindo. He likes hip-hop fashion and rice omelets, has an eye for the ladies, and rides a Honda Cub scooter. He's an excellent artist when he applies himself, and he draws portraits for Akindo.
Jiro Nishino
Tsutomu's friend and classmate. He programs computer games. He has purple spiked hair, rockabilly clothes, and sunglasses that he never takes off. He's poor and speaks Kansai dialect.
Ai Yazawa-gakuchou-sensei
The head of Yazawa Gakuin, an offbeat woman who always wears kimono and heart-shaped sunglasses.

(Volume 2)

Shintaro Nakasu
Body-ko's younger brother, a wannabe-Rastafarian underclassman in the school of handicrafts. He makes colorful little haniwa figurines.
Shuuji "Shuu-chan" Shintani
Body-ko's next-door-neighbor and first love. A wealthy, clean-cut, tennis-playing college student.
Yuka Matsuyama
Shuu-chan's college girlfriend.
Takeshi Nagase
Risa's live-in boyfriend, guitarist in a rock band.
Ayumi Oikawa
Tsutomu's friend and classmate. She's pretty, smart, and nice, but she lacks assertiveness and self-confidence. She makes accessories for Akindo and strange objects d'art at school. She likes Yuusuke because of his beautiful paintings.

(Volume 3)

Hirohiko Sakurada
Mikako's father. A professional photographer who specializes in pictures of the sky.

(Volume 4)

The cook at the Nakasus' summer home.

(Volume 5)

Mikako's junior-high school classmate.
Seiji "Kira-Kira Seijin" Kisaragi
Ruriko's assistant. He's a graduate of the Yazawa School of Design, and is now studying hair and make-up.
Mikako's classmate, a professional model.
Mikako's classmate. She has short blue hair and glasses.

(Volume 7)

Toku-chan's fiancee.
Miwako Sakurada
Mikako's baby sister.

(Special Version)

Arashi Nagase
Miwako's friend, son of Risa and Takeshi.
Hiroyuki Tokumori
Miwako's friend, son of Toku-chan and Michiyo.

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