Velvet's Angelique links to check.

Some Weiss event reports.

Fujiko Kitajima I've never heard of her before, but she does some lovely artwork.

A great Dagwon page, if you can read Japanese.

Enryu's Home a doujinshi page--not many pics, but the ones there are nice.

Dayan books publisher

Dayan's Delicious Dreams someone's translation of several stories, including Dayan's Delicious Dreams. (one picture of Dayan)

Stories someone likes includes Yoyo & Coco (2 books)

Dayan's Nonsense Soup and Toripoka Island

Hanshin Department Store Click on the links to see pictures of Watchifield goods.

Vote for Takehito Koyasu*@bottom of intial list

Vote for Takehito Koyasu third from top.

Weiss radio synopses

Weiss live report

Moderately interesting photocollages.

Dude, you are seriously twisted. Multiple nipples.

Yuri Ai Home Page Unattractive but professional hentai.

Web Toy Box Japanese icons & stuff.

Water Backgrounds

Siyodo Bishounen sketches. More here.

Tenshi no Sumu Machi EVA yaoi.

Captain Tsubasa? pics.

Bishonen pics?

Fin no Kan Here's the Gallery.

Akarenga gallery neat cgs of kenshin, weiss, and others.

webpage stuff. cute Yahoo Japan homepage tools