Bishounen Hunter Sumire presents


Links to Japanese Bishounen Pages

Angelique, FFVII, and other game-based illustration pages have moved here.

Konbanwa! Bishounen Hunter Sumire desu! Here I'm presenting my ever-expanding collection of Japanese bishounen fanart/doujinshi links for your eyes only.

No Japanese software? Not a problem. My computer can't handle Japanese either. That's why I try to link to the picture gallery pages as much as possible. However (and you probably already know this), you can figure out what the links are by holding your pointer over the link and reading the URL. If you're on a main index page, you'll be looking for something called "gallery," "illustrations," or "cg." Since these words get altered and abbreviated in Japanese, they might end up as "gyararii," "irasuto," "ira," "garo" (this is a Japanese loanword for gallery), or some such thing. If the URL ends in ".cgi," it's probably a link to a guestbook or bulletin board.

How is the word yaoi used here? Yaoi is male homosexual love stuff. In some circles, yaoi indicates hardcore sexual content, but I use it here merely to indicate that there are two guys in the picture who could be construed as being attracted to each other. If you want hardcore sexual content, try the X-Rated section down near the bottom. (whoops, I accidentally deleted it. I'll try to dig up those pages again.)

Speaking of hardcore sexual content... I've skipped most of the Turn-Back-If-You-Are-Not-18 warning pages for the few links that had them in the first place. So if seeing a little sodomy or some viscous fluids or something like that is going to traumatize you for life, (a) avoid the X-Rated section, and (b) maybe you shouldn't be here at all; I haven't thoroughly checked all the sites I linked to, so you still could stumble across something nasty.


SARAY A beautiful bishounen gallery. I do believe we've found the first 5 strawberry page.

Boys' Life Nice CG images, contains yaoi. 4 1/2 strawberries.

Black Box Lots of skillful bishounen CGs. King of Fighters and game stuff. 4 1/2 strawberries.

Boys Illustrated A number of cute (young) boy pictures. Not for children. 4 strawberries.

Shounen Shugi Some nicely-executed bishounen pics. 4 strawberries.

Yaoi na Comic no Page When I first put this up, it had lots of cool stuff, including .avi's of yaoi anime. However, now it seems to only contain cover scans of yaoi manga magazines. There are *tons* of them, though, so I highly recommend this page. Check out all the links at the bottom. 4 strawberries.

Tit for Tat A variety of nice pictures, including Gundam W. Contains girls. A related page with yaoi manga is here. 4 strawberries.

Million Mirrors Sharp, bloody bishounen pics. 3 1/2 strawberries. Could be a 4 depending on my mood.

Hiten's Gallery Some very professional, action-packed illustrations. But they're so slick, I find them uncompelling. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Kam*Puter a handful of reasonably cute bishounen pics. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Fin no Kan Here's the Gallery. Some nice CGs. What I want to know is, who's this Fin person? 3 1/2 strawberries.

Kirin-DoSome interesting bishounen illustrations. The page design is cooler than the pics. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Azrael Novels A novels page, but it also has a few illustrations. I keep getting lost, though. 3 strawberries.

Siyodo Bishounen CGs. More here. Nice coloring, but the heads look weird in profile, so only 3 strawberries.

Heavens of Lover: Kosuke's Gallary Land A few quite nice CGs. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Mirage Junction Sketches Some decently cute boys, clumsily colored. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Gumo-AnPretty good pictures of boys from something game-ish I don't know (original, maybe?). The third, fourth, and fifth links have pictures. The third has the most. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Doujinshi Covers at Battlefield 2 1/2 strawberries.

Captain Tsubasa? pics. I'm not impressed. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Ken Miyake Revolution Pics and Fics (Japanese). Cluttered and wordy, and the pics aren't *that* great, so 2 1/2 strawberries.

Court Garage at Analogue Court. Funky. I don't like it, though. 2 1/2 strawberries.

STUDIO 801 CAVE Kind of gothy. Doujinshi covers. 2 strawberries.

Hodumi's PageGame (?) pics. Side A has some girls and a few nice guys; Side B has two small, slightly yaoi pics. 2 strawberries for being hard to navigate.

yaoi rough sketches, color pics Virtua Fighter pics Shota-con index Shota-con pics and more Shota-con pics

Senritsu no Shounen cluttered shounen art.

Gallery of Midnight Random Garden boys and beasts. So-so.

Manjushaka There are pictures of women all over the place, but there are some beautifully rendered bishounen in the Junk Color and Scrawls sections.

M Etchi Kei is mostly girl pictures, but they also have a boy section.

Junko's Gallery at Aya's World. Beautiful CG works, a few anime characters.

Lanping's Atelier FFVII, Angelique, etc.--ethereal, dreamlike CGs.

Gate of Paradise A promising page--Eva, FFVII, and try the second link on the menu for some neat original pictures. Contains girl pics.

Jungle House Interesting CG pics of elfin boys and girls.

NO PROBLEM A few boy pics.

Apologia Not-bad pics from Psychic Force and FFVII.

Nagi-Tei A handful of pics for various things.

Red Octopus "The Silent Service" yaoi stuff.

Heavens of Lover a couple of nice 2-D pics.

Boys Don't Cry Both boy pics and girl pics.

Seishun Romakitayaoi.

Negative Factory This page with the collage seems to be all there is.

Glass Net Doujinshi covers

Taro's World Another variety page, with nice pictures. I don't know how to get into the Underground section, though.

So-Bathu-Rengokai bits of FFVII and Tactics Ogre doujinshi.

Mel-Q-Rondo Game illustrations in a variety of media. Lots of girls, but some guys.

Yuki-cyan Some stylized guy pics.

Mirage Junction Some tolerable CGs of boys and stuff. More here.

Itaru and Tomo a few pictures and nudes here.

Akajishi Project Some dj art, undressed boys, not that good.

Suzune'sSimple, cute shota-con-bait boys and doujinshi. Not suggestive.

Secret Cafe some so-so pictures. Games? Original? I don't know.

Naoki Hinata's Homepage Some sketches of boys

Fancy Storm A GW page. Has two little online manga about Heero and Duo.

Yamadaha Pics by various artists, online manga. Yaoi.

Muu and Maa's Crazy World Some Java stuff.

Legend of Galactic Heroes

LOGH gallery Lots of nice pics by different artists. Some yaoi. 4 1/2 strawberries for quality, quantity, and theme.

LOGH doujinshi page Pictures are here. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Umi no Kou, Yama no Kou Kinda cute SD pics of *all* the LOGH characters, pretty funny 4-koma manga, and animated gifs. 3 strawberries.

Arcadia Fair LOGH fanart here and here. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Rurouni Kenshin

Garou de Kenshin Kick-ass Kenshin CGs. 4 strawberries.

Kuzuryuusen Has some scattered CGs and a whole bunch of cute, strange little manga about Hiko and Kenshin. 4 strawberries just because I like Hiko-sama.

Restoration very good CGs, covering a broad range of Kenshin characters. Has a special all-Saito section. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Taza Rooms A bunch of Kenshin character CGs. For some reason, some of them are missing. 3 strawberries.

Twin Dragon

Rurouni Club fair RK slashy art here.

Tara's Room Kenshin art--lots of it.

Angel's Tea Room The Kenshin section has lots of girls, but the quality makes it worth visiting.

Rurouni no Heya A large gallery of both regular and cartoony CGs.

Kitan Houdou Home Page Nice but tiny doujinshi covers and sample pages.

Akahan___ Pictures, mostly of Sanosuke, are here and here.

KoYou's Homepage A handful of Kenshin pics. Not working?

Gallery of Sano pics a few so-so pics of Sanosuke. Normal.

Okiraku Art Gallery some decent Kenshin CGs--lots of the girls, but the guys are represented, too. A disproportionate number of Saitou pics.

Mostly pictures of Kenshin. at Nao's Page

gallery at Ryuuka's Homepage Some nice shoujo-ish pics, mostly of Kenshin, some of girls.

Gallery at Gatochuu Page. Some funny Rurouken illustrations.

Three interesting pics.

Three more Ruroken pics.

Kenshin pics

Rurou na E rough but cute pics of various characters.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Angel's Food Patisserie Interesting theme--I recommend Blanc-Manger. (Also contains girl pics)

Kaworu(xShinji) Doujinshi and Art

Inertia by Atelier Y

Blue World Everybody loves somebody, and somebody loves Shigeru Aoba. He's a little scary-looking in these pics.

1/2 Fig Leaf some pics of Shinji and Kaworu.

Yamete yo, Kaworu-kun An illustrated story and 4-koma manga.

Tenshi no Sumu Machi Some professionally executed pics of Kaworu and Shinji, plus other characters (including girls). I particularly like the cross-series parodies (Gundam, Peter Pan, Maison Ikkoku). 4 strawberries.

Kaworu & Shinji yaoi.


"Shota-con" refers to the objectification of little boys--it's the male equivalent to Loli-con (Lolita complex, liking underaged girls). Not exactly my cup of tea, but who am I to judge?
Take Me Outside Shota-con(?) CGs here, here, and here.

A few non-sexual shota pics

So-so shota-con stuff. A few nudes.

Shota-con stuff A few are suggestive/naked. Be sure to check the Gift CGs.

Shotaket Shota-con doujinshi covers. Cute.