(Translated by sumire from an article in (the November 1997?) Animedia)

Takehito Koyasu's Light and Shadow

The stronger the contrast between the dark part and the light part concealed within Takehito Koyasu, the more we are drawn to him.

"I understand the motives of villains more than heroes. Because I'm like that, too..."

A cool, cold-hearted expression and an innocent smile... The contrast between Takehito Koyasu's two expressions has us at a loss. Which one is "the real Takehito Koyasu," [we wonder].

"The real me is... the one in the right-hand picture, dressed in black. I'm not forcing myself to look a certain way here. Do I look cool? More than 'kakko ii' [cool], personally, I think 'cold' [cool] fits me, but... I'm a person who doesn't get concerned or upset about things."

"My personality got that way after my father died when I was in the fifth grade. Before my eyes, suddenly, he collapsed and passed away. At that time, I thought, 'Human death is so simple and fragile.' I stared at my courageous mother crying in the shadows. In my child's heart, I felt as though I understood life and death."

After that, Takehito Koyasu did not hold deep feelings for others, because if he knew them too well, the shock when he lost them would be [too] great. However, [among] the positions he plays as a voice actor, there are not a few roles of the hero who cares for his friends, like Kai from Dagwon.

"Actually, when playing a part, it's easier for me to bring out the feelings of a villain than [those of] a hero. Without getting caught up in the surface, I dive into the role to the point where I sense that 'this person absolutely must have a reason for doing evil.' But that's because I was like that, too. When I was in junior high school, I did some bad things."

"Right now, the Aya from Weiss that I'm playing is that true part of me. He doesn't get attched to things and calls a spade a spade. And he doesn't smile, either. No matter how you look at it, he's not a friend of justice, but he's the hero of Weiss. I want [viewers] to recognize this kind of person. It'll be nice if there are people who like him, too."

Even villains get lonely and are clumsy [sometimes]. Koyasu-san, too, seems to have such moments. So is the bright, playful Koyasu-san of the radio (and others) a made-up creation?

"It isn't, is it. It's like I really do have an innocent side, too. There are times when my behavior drops to the level of the lower elementary school grades (laughs). It's when I'm absorbed in enjoying something, my mental state is like that. When I'm drawing illustrations or thinking about the Weiss story, I revert to childhood. It must be because I have that part inside me that when I smile, I get a childish expression."

"Some girlish hobbies have come out, too. I've tried things like needlepoint and writing poems... even though I think I have a masculine mindset. It's a mystery to me, too."

When he started working as a voice actor, he felt like a heretic. He says there were also times when he worried, 'I can't be in this world.'

"Recently, I've finally been able to think it's all right for me to bury my bones in the voice acting profession. That's because I feel like I've found my niche in this world. After a certain amount of time has gone by, those around me have started to think, 'I wonder if there's one like Koyasu, too.' I've come to be able to think I can act as myself, not imitating anyone. The day when my innocent face is more common than my cold expression might be near."

Born May 5. Blood type A. Often plays cool, handsome characters like Zetsuai's Takuto and Shoujo Kakumei Utena's Touga. Currently playing Aya in Weiss, which he drafted and produced himself. Hobby: writing novels. Belongs to Production Baobab.

Photo caption: Deep in those cold eyes shines the regret of something passed away.

Photo caption: When he is completely absorbed in something, he reverts to an innocent child for a moment.

(photos by Youji Kawata, styling by ___ Imura)

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