(Translated by sumire from an article in the October 1997 Anime V)

Dagwon Fashion Communication

...was an Animedia interview with Brave Command Dagwon seiyuu Kouichi "En" Toochika and Takehito "Kai" Koyasu. They talked about the characters' new costume designs for the OAV, and the seiyuu's own fashion preferences. Some of Koyasu-san's responses are translated here:

On image colors:

"I've always liked black and monotones, but lately I've started to change. Right now I'm wearing orange, but I like orange pretty well, too. To say one thing about fashion, since I've ben changing my hair color, I've started changing various things about my clothes to balance it."

On bathrobes:

"I used to admire them. There's a kind of bourgeois atmosphere. [Because] if you don't have a big house, you don't need one, right? ...but I have one, at least. I just wore it twice, and it was pointless, so I stopped."

On brand-name clothing:

"I usually wear a lot of Fila--top and bottom and shoes. But this shirt is Van. I like things that have a simple shape but shining color. Even if two things are by the same maker, I'm picky about subtle differences in color."

On shopping:

"I hate shopping. It's exhausting." (laughs) "Usually, I decide where I'm going, and then daa! I go, collect and buy a number of things, and then it's over. I don't do things like wasting an entire day just to buy one thing."

On secondhand clothes:

"Secondhand goods are no good for me. Even for things like cars, if it's not a new car, I don't like it... I wouldn't go so far as to say I have an obsessive love of cleanliness, but Kai and I may be alike in that respect. I'm the one who bought it, and I'm also the one who's wearing it out." (laughs) "If there's a stain on some [used article of clothing], I start wondering how it got there and who wore it."

Question posed to Kouichi Toochika: "How do you see Koyasu-san?"

Toochika: "He's stylish, isn't he. Because his hairstyle is the first thing that strikes your eye. I used to think, 'What a strange hairstyle,' but lately, I find it weird if [his hairstyle] is different. Occasionally he hides his sideburns and I end up asking, 'Is this an image change?'"

Koyasu: "It's hot in the summer, so I often tuck them behind my ears, but I get asked that a lot. 'Did you cut them? There's something funny [about you],' they say, so I can't cut them already." (laughs)

Toochika: "You can't cut them of your own volition!"

Koyasu: "It's become like my trademark. If it's got sideburns and double teeth, you know right away that it's Takehito Koyasu, so I treasure them." (laughs)

Toochika: "I hope you keep [your hair] like that until it turns white."

Koyasu: "Are you a fan?" (laughs)

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