(Translated by sumire from an article in the May 1999 Looker)

Takehito Koyasu
To all the Kittens in the World, with Love...

It's been three months since the excitement of Weiss' final concert last December. Already Takehito Koyasu's next musical project has been announced. Here's a direct-hit interview about that first step, the album "Merii-san no Koneko."

"Merii-san is the holy mother Maria, and the kittens are girls. The
  girls of holy mother Maria... That is to say, the theme is a love
  approach to all the girls in the world.

  In the music, the lyrics, and the way of singing, this album is a
  180-degree turn from what I've sung before. It's different from both
  the character songs and Weiss. To borrow the words of [a member of the]
  production staff, it's like British rock.

  This time, I was challenged by writing the lyrics to two songs. One
  song is "Hoshi ni Negai o Komete." They're pretty mellow lyrics. It's
  about loving a girl, and wanting to be in love so much that I wish on a
  star[?].  But there's a terrible end. (laughs)

  Another song is "Paradise." It's an end-of-the-century love song.  A
  love that crosses over the era, over the Earth. This is different from
  the mellowness of "Hoshi ni Negai o Komete," I tried using unique
  words. For me, it was a challenge.  

  The other songs draw various forms of love with various [kinds of]
  lyrics. The title tune, "Merii-san no Koneko," is a little foreign, I
  guess. It says "An incredibly cute girl moved into the neighborhood.
  Somehow I want to get closer to her. I'll go for it!" with pastoral

 "In ten-something years as a voice actor, this is my first solo full
  album.  It's a happy event! Let's share the enjoyment of this happy
  event. So listen to it, okay?"

DATA: "Merii-san no Koneko"
To be released May 21 from Victor Entertainment. Price 3045, tax included. Ten songs: "Arashi no Zukan," "Tenkuu no Soko," "Who's that I.D," "Paradise," "Merii-san no Koneko," "Toumei na Mado," "Back to Heaven," and others. The jacket photograph's image is one of "fictional daily life."

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