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Sorry, no time for a real update lately. Just wanted to plug my anime garage sale page, where I'll be putting up some Weiss and other stuff.

Added three more character pictures courtesy of space coyote and one courtesy of me to the characters page, updated the domestic release pages, and did a few other little fixes.

Changed the release dates of Angelique and Angel Sanctuary (both were delayed), and deleted the picture for Initial D (it was the wrong character--thanks, Juju!). Also fixed the dates on the entries below this--I was still writing 99 in the year 00. Oops. ^_^;

Added a really grainy pic of Ilpalazzo (Excel Saga) and added Angel Sanctuary to the anime list.

Added the titles of the "Plan for the New Century" articles in Animedia for the past few months.

Another minor update: Put up better pics of Lamia (Betterman) and Flameheart (Orphen), courtesy of Mirialdo and Melody.

I bought the Z/ETA manga tankoubon and will be adding a bit of info on that sometime next year.

Sorry I haven't updated these pages in ages, but I've been sidetracked by other projects (like an honest-to-god Life with a job and an apartment and everything.)

Added two new characters to the works list. Koyasu-san isn't doing much TV work lately. I could have sworn I heard his voice in an episode of Leviath (as the little boy's father who leads a heroic suicide mission), but he wasn't credited.

The first compiled volume of the Z/ETA manga came out earlier this fall.

There's a great interview with him in one of this month's seiyuu magazines that I read at the bookstore. All I can remember off the top of my head is, he gets motion sickness easily, and he used to have a pet snake when he was a kid, and he would walk around with it wrapped around his neck, so the people in his neighborhood used to call him "Snake Boy." I think I'll have to buy that issue and translate the whole thing.

Yay! I managed to get my hands on the much-sought-after Takehito Koyasu talking alarm clock. Well, actually, it's a Snuffkin (from the Moomintroll series) alarm clock, but Koyasu-san does the voice. The alarm starts off with chirping birds, and then he says, "Yaa. Ii yume mirareta kai?" ("Hey there. Did you have a nice dream?") and some other stuff. Like all talking alarm clocks, it gets a little annoying after a while, but it's still really cool. (And no, I don't know where you can get one outside of Japan and I am not a mail-order service.)

Added a tiny lo-res scan of Lamia from "Betterman." Other news:

(memo to myself: don't forget to upload the new files. ^_^;)

Ah, the joys of having one's own scanner. Put up a NEW title page image, as you may have noticed, and added a pic of Kai from "Shin Hakkenden" from the June Animedia.

I got a scanner this week! So, I've added four photos of Midorikawa and Koyasu to the aforementioned Animage article. The new pics are also linked from the pics page, naturally. Also, Melody Yang sent in another rare character image, of Junsho from "Ichigatsu ni Christmas," for the character list, and Maj e-mailed me to announce the existence of Maj's Koyasu Takehito Obsession Shrine. Spread the gospel!

*Happy 32nd birthday to Takehito Koyasu!*
(sorry I'm not making a bigger deal out of it...) Wishing him success in his creative enterprises and the strength and endurance to make it through this month's promotional junket!
Anyway, today's update is just the addition of pictures of Daisuke (Ranma 1/2) and Arimasa Tsuchimikado (Kasho no Tsuki). Thanks to The New Temple of Hiroshi and Daisuke for the Daisuke one.

Will this translating madness ever stop!? ^_^ New today--the hm3 Weiss interview in which they ask Koyasu-san about his past. It's interesting, but several people have been traumatized by this information. Read at your own risk here.

Last week, through some miracle, the bookstore got several dozen back issues of old Animages and other magazines. I spent almost an hour combing them for anything pertaining to Koyasu-san, and got lucky with a really great interview from November 1995, when he and Hikaru Midorikawa costarred in three different shows at the same time. I was so excited, I just had to start translating it right away, and the result is here. It's too bad I don't have access to a scanner anymore--the accompanying photographs are really cute.
Also, Melody Yung sent along a screencapture of Kajiki from the Rurouni Kenshin movie, and I must say, he seems to be exceptionally good-looking for a RuroKen supporting character. As always, all anime character images go to The Complete Takehito Koyasu. (BTW, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with "Renaissance." Chotto matte, ne?)

Arigatou to Camille Swanson and Kouryu (whoever you may be) for the Kafka information and picture, Mark Nazal for Rurouni Kenshin's Kajiki, and Melody Yung for Ichigatsu ni wa Christmas' Junsho Fujioka and Kajiki again (funny, two people told me about Kajiki--is this National Rurouni Kenshin Movie Week?) Anyway, thanks, guys, I couldn't do it without you.

Moved interview and article translations to a separate page, and put up the March and May "Plan for the New Century" translations.

Added some more new characters and an interview about Koyasu-san's new solo vocal CD, "Merii-san no Koneko."

Added Yato Saegami from the game Soukaigi, thanks to Spyqueen. Also, I changed the title page graphic from a lot of little pictures to one big one.

Finished the translation of the latest Animedia "New Plan" interview on the Profile page. Also, added a pic of Sakuya Kira from Angel Sanctuary to the CD role list, thanks to Kurenai, who sent me a real beauty (too bad I had to crop it).

Takehito Koyasu Illustrated has been reworked into a set of pages under the heading of Takehito Koyasu Works. I made two versions of the page, one with images and in alphabetical order; one without images and in chronological order. Games and CD dramas remain separate, and there is a new page called The Domestic Takehito Koyasu listing anime titles commercially available in the U.S.

I was inspired to make that page because the U.S. anime market has suddenly blossomed with juicy Takehito Koyasu works--Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Saber Marionette J--in the past year. Here's hoping that 1999 shows the release of Master of Mosquiton as well.

A big arigatou to Lois the Loon for telling me about Koyasu-san's role in the Kira Kira Kaoru CD drama, and sending me a picture, too. This motivated me to start a separate listing for audio drama (and game) roles, which has become page two of Takehito Koyasu Illustrated.

Another day, another article. But this article, in combination with the fact that I couldn't find Koyasu-san in any of the new fall programs (well, except for the latest Saber Marionette J sequel), makes me suspect that he might be taking a break from voice acting to move in another direction... In other news, I added Merlein and Black Samurai to the characters page and put up one last early-90s picture.

Translated yet another article for the profile page.

Translated two more articles and put them up on the profile page.

Added one new picture sent to me by Wai-Lee Lau (thanks!) and put up an article I translated from Anime V.

Added three new pictures and reached the conclusion that TK has *not* cut his eartails off, just styled them out of the way for a little while. If I'd had my head on straight, I would have checked the weekly updates of the Koyasu-Hikami no Game Dra Night homepage. I also started a Weiss Kreuz mailing list.

What's new? This "What's New" page is. I should have done this a long time ago. So what else is new? I fixed some little glitches and added a link to Haruka Ten'oh's Koyasu Takehito Shrine.

Added pics for Kotobuki Sukiyabashi (Clamp Campus Detectives) and Minoru Shinohara (Level C) to Takehito Koyasu Illustrated. Also, the Weiß section has been spun off into a separate set of pages, and I added a guestbook.

Has Koyasu-san cut his eartails off? In a series of pictures on page 64 of the July Animedia, it kind of looks that way. Compare this recent picture to one in which he has one eartail tucked behind his ear and one showing.

It's not just that one picture, either; in the others in the series, "w-script.jpg" and "w-castgroup.jpg", he still doesn't have any eartails.

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