Takehito Koyasu Pictures

Here's the first picture of TK that left an impression on me. It's from a Gundam Wing pamphlet from Animedia. Predictably, my first impression was "pumpkin teeth and sideburns."

toothy grin


Animedia had a two-page color profile on TK; the article talked about his dark side and his light side (photos by Youji Kawata). Meanwhile, over in Newtype, a piece on Saber Marionette J featured photos of TK eating ramen and holding a cherub figurine (below left), but he seems to be wearing the same white mock turtleneck as in this detail of the Animedia "light side" picture (below right). Here's a new one from AX magazine sent to me by Wai-Lee Lau.


Here are two of TK in normal seiyuu mode, from an early Weiß ad and from an Animedia photo of the Weiß guys reading their fan mail.

However, the Weiß project has also led to his putting on some swanky Aya clothes, as shown here in Wings, the shoujo magazine in which the Weiß manga appears. Animedia's coverage of the Weiß concert in Tokyo included this pinup and this photo. More recently, he seems to have abandoned Aya in favor of the Seta Soujirou look. ^_^

Koyasu and Friends

with Megumi Hayashibarawith Tomokazu Seki

On the town (or the phone) with Saber Marionette J's Megumi "Lime" Hayashibara (above left, note Fila jacket), bonding with Weiß' Tomokazu "Ken" Seki (above right), at a Weiß af-reco session with Hikaru "Schuldig" Midorikawa, and again with "Tamahome" Midorikawa and the other Fushigi Yuugi guys. More Koyasu/Midorikawa action from a November 1996 Animage interview: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4 (photos by Kazuo Kawamura).

Vintage Koyasu

an old picture

While going through some old magazines, I discovered these photos, circa 1991-92:
little tiny picture
from his first solo album, Water
TK in a ridiculous pose, with significantly darker hair

Black and White


Seven b/w pics from Animedia. Is that a wedding ring in the picture above (by Shouji Nakano)? It's in the right place...

A close relative of the Production Baobab picture
Dagwon interview 1 (by Tooru Tokunaga)
Dagwon interview 2 (by Tooru Tokunaga)
Wearing a baseball cap
Wearing gloves
Showing off his teeth

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