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This information was gathered from many different sources, mostly web pages, so I can't vouch for its accuracy. Take it with a grain of salt--good advice for anything you read on the internet, really.

Real Name: Takehito Koyasu Just making sure.
Birthdate: May 5, 1967 Children's Day or Boys' Day in Japan. One day different from me!
Birthplace: Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture Where? Near Tokyo.
Zodiac sign: Taurus Tauruses are said to be patient, practical, materialistic, affectionate, and determined (but stubborn). It's a good sign for a seiyuu, since Taurus rules the neck and throat.
Blood type: A Supposed A-type traits include sensitivity to others' reactions, group loyalty, adherence to orthodox customs, formality, and the ability to cleverly imitate.
Height: 175 cm or, 5'9". Pretty good.
Weight: 60 kg or, 132 lbs
Chest: 83 cm In inches, 33-25-36? @_@ I don't see the point of giving men's three sizes, but since someone went to the trouble of measuring...
Waist: 65 cm
Hips: 93 cm
Feet: 25.5 cm That's about a size 7 1/2 American.
Trademark: Long, wispy sideburns He also has crooked teeth and, to paraphrase EW, "strangely morphing hair color."
Hobbies: Writing, video games, jump rope In an Animedia profile, he says that he's also tried such "girlish" pursuits as needlepoint and poetry, which surprises even him; he thinks of himself as having a very masculine mindset. BTW, he's credited with the original concept of Weiss.
Favorite colors: Black, white, blue He wears a lot of black.
Favorite foods: Ebi, tofu, Men's Pocky Men's Pocky is covered with dark chocolate. It's my favorite Pocky, too.
Favorite animal: Giraffe  
Favorite TV show: "Trendy" dramas "Trendy dramas," true to their name, are trendy--stylish, attractive series about relationships between stylish, attractive characters played by the latest big talents (preferably with a member of SMAP in the male lead; I don't know much about the actresses), wildly popular in Japan in recent years.
Favorite music group: L'arc~en~Ciel As you may recall, they're the group that had their excellent song "Fourth Avenue Cafe" abruptly removed as the fourth Ruruoni Kenshin ED theme when band members were busted for drug possession or something like that.
Underwear: Both boxers and briefs Not at the same time, I hope.
Sleepwear: Pajamas (As opposed to a T-shirt or naked.)
Favorite brands of clothing: Fila, Donna Karan, Van, Ships He says he doesn't like shopping much, and he can't stand secondhand clothes.
His type of girl: Sympathetic, with a small butt. . . . ^_^;
Favorite date spot: the sea Not an uncommon answer.
Marital status: married Damn. (With two kids, too.)
Agency: T's Factory Apparently, he left Production Baobab at the end of September.
Goal as a voice actor: Conquest of the top! Has playing Zechs Merquise gone to his head? (Little-known Gundam Wing fact: "OZ" stands for "Objective: Zenith")
Reason for becoming a voice actor: He wanted to make the two-dimensional three-dimensional. He cites the Galaxy Express 999 movie as the anime that made him realize he wanted to become a seiyuu.
Memory of his early days as a voice actor: Being told "Please wait for a while."  
Job other than voice actor he'd like to try: Video game creator, author of children's stories My mind's wandering, but I'm thinking how neat it would be to have Koyasu-san for a father and have him read bedtime stories.

Personal History

Takehito Koyasu was a "yakyuu shounen" (baseball boy), playing Little League when he was in elementary school, but in the fifth grade, the stability of his world was shattered by the untimely death of his father, and he drifted into juvenile delinquency in junior high school. He says he draws upon his experiences of that time to play his "villain" roles; he thinks that even bad guys must have some reason why they're bad. Eventually, he decided he wanted to become a seiyuu and began voice training. (I think it was Koyasu-san who said he didn't do any extracurricular activities in high school because he was going to seiyuu lessons after school, although I might be thinking of some other famous male seiyuu.) Cold, dark characters still come to him more naturally, but sometimes when he's drawing or writing or thinking about something, he reverts to the innocent happiness of his early childhood.

He attended a Buddhist preschool as a child, and graduated from a technical high school in the data processing division.

Side note: After he became a professional voice actor, Koyasu-san, worried about his image, burned all the photographs of himself in his JD days, even going so far as to collect old photos from his friends. It's actually not an unfounded fear, though, I recently saw a popular singer confronted with old photos of herself in gangster-girl getup on a TV talk show.

Momiage no Himitsu (The Secret of the Eartails)

Why did he grow out his sideburns like that? "I've never answered this in personal profiles or anything, but... It's embarrassing, so I can't say, but... (mumbles) [because] in shoujo manga, the cool guys' [sideburns] were long."

When he's not feeling well (or sometimes in hot weather), he tucks his sideburns behind his ears.

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