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Shoujo Manga
Yoshizumi Wataru: Handsome na Kanojo, Marmalade Boy, Kimi Shika Iranai
Yazawa Ai: Gokinjo Monogatari, Marine Blue Kaze ni Dakarete, Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai
Shinohara Chie:
Ao no Fuuin (The Blue Seal): *ahem* That's seal as in sealing wax, not the marine mammal. Anyhoo, this is the rather creepy (did you know there's a horror subgenre within shoujo manga?) story of Souko (Shouko?), a supposedly ordinary schoolgirl who really is the queeen of demons. Or a clone of the queen of demons. Or something like that. The early part of the story is excellent for maintaining a sense of dreamlike uncertainty and unpleasantness
Saito Chiho:
Mou Hitori no Marionette(One More Marionette)
Mimi o Sumaseba
Tokimeki Tonight
A year of shoujo manga:
Jan--Marine Blue Kaze... (surfing)
Feb Mar --Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai (Jpn. graduation)
April May -- June July August-Ao no Fuuin (horror)
Sept Oct.-Tokimeki Tonight (vampires & werewolves & witches)
Nov.-Mou Hitori no Marionette (theater)

Shounen Manga
Ranma 1/2: It seems like there's been a backlash against this lately, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like Ranma 1/2. Favorites: the short, funny, cute, pointless stories. e.g. Ryoga and Ranma fall victim to magic mushrooms that turn them into children, two little kids mistake Happosai for Santa Claus, Konatsu introduces martial-arts bar hostessing,