Schon: 24 yrs, blonde, former model. Real name Kitaura Karen? Hell: 27, Real name Aoi Chizuru (Japanese order), formerly in the Japan self-defense forces. Neu: 22 yrs. No memory. Has a past with Yoji. Tot: ___ Nanami. 17. Has the intellect of a three-year-old. Schwarz:

Shrudich: 22, from Germany. Farfarello: 20, from Ireland.

The Takatoris? Outoris? Ouka: Daughter of Reiji's mistress. Spoiled, headstrong, lives alone. Likes Omi, is actually his younger sister. Shuuichi: Reiji's younger brother. Persia's true identity; Omi's father. Head of SS in Japan. Mamoru: Omi's real name. Reiji: the head of the ___ clan. About 50. Kikuno: Reiji's late wife. Hirofumi: the oldest son. 30. Masafumi: 28. creator of Schreiend. President of a pharmaceutical co. Sakaki Shizuka: Ouka's mother. Owner of high-class restaurant "Sakaki"

Baaman: (Takaoka Kyoko) age 23, Persia's beautiful private secretary Manx: (Kitada Hanae?) Persia: Weiss' commander.

Tomoe Sakura: a girl who looks like Aya's sister.