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Nearly all of the following pages are in Japanese, so if they're labeled (TEXT ONLY), and you either don't have Japanese viewing software or don't understand Japanese, then there's not much point in going there, ne? Pages devoted to specific anime characters can be found at Takehito Koyasu Illustrated. Weiss sites without specific Takehito Koyasu information can be found at my Weiss links page.

Seiyuu Polls

Seiyuu Terminal's Male Seiyuu Ranking
If your browser can't handle Japanese, "Koyasu Takehito" appears as something like "_q_A__l" (where _ is a symbol that depends on the font); he's the 6th name on the list, but that's because he's in 6th place right now, so it could change. Highlight the _q_A__l on the scrolling window and click on the button below to vote (the space in between is for comments and is optional). You can vote once every hour--bookmark the page and vote often!

English Pages

The Koyasu Takehito Shrine
If I had known this shrine existed, I might not have been driven to make the page you're reading now. Oh, well, it's actually quite different from mine, and excellent in its own way (nice clean layout and some great pictures).

Haruka Ten'oh's Weiss Kreuz Underground
She has lots of nice Takehito Koyasu pics up, including my personal favorite. ^_^

Seiyuu (Voice Actor) Database
A great resource for anime fans. The Takehito Koyasu section's listing of anime roles is less complete than mine, but you can learn some interesting things if you dig around in the radio section. I don't know where you'd find back issues of Japanese magazines, but the magazine listing could be helpful.

Official Pages

Koyasu-Hikami no Game Dra Night Homepage
Has one photo of Hikami-san and Koyasu-san and an audio message. Changes weekly.

Master Mosquiton Official Homepage
Wow! Tons of cool stuff-- the Character and Song sections have sound files, the Story and Video sections have Quicktime previews, "Establishment Data" contains tons of character sketches, and "Event" has photos from a live event (unfortunately, most of the Koyasu-san pics are thumbnail only). If only all anime companies would make their pages like this...

KBS' Weiss (radio) Page
Has one photo of the seiyuu in costume, a mini-interview, and fan club information.

NEC's Weiss Kreuz (audio) Page
A nice-looking page with CD and video information, including cover images.

Polygram Animation Network's Weiss (anime) Page
A little information on the Weiss anime and lots of character sketches.

Personal/Fan Pages

a short Takehito Koyasu page This has one photo, and the Weiss link at the bottom has another. It's been acting weird lately, though.

The Road to Weiss (TEXT ONLY)
Of particular interest is the Koyasu Takehito no Miryoku (Takehito Koyasu's Charm) section, where I got some of my information.

Yuusei Magic (TEXT ONLY)
Has an interesting Takehito Koyasu section. There also is a Weiss section that lists anime/games/dramas in which two or more members of Weiss appear. All four of them were in Love Angel Wedding Peach. Isn't that scary?

Koyasu Takehito-san no Page (TEXT ONLY)
A little personal information and some anime/CD info.

A general compilation of quotes and personal information on various male seiyuu.

Takehito Koyasu's listing at Miracle Voice Actors and Magical Voice Actresses database (TEXT ONLY)
A quite thorough list of Koyasu-san's roles in various media.

Koyasu Jinja (TEXT ONLY)
A rather new and incomplete page. Cute name, though. FYI, there really is a Koyasu Jinja (shrine) in the Koyasu area of Hachiouji in Tokyo. (Tell me I don't know enough useless trivia.)

The Koyasu Takehito Mailing List Page (TEXT ONLY)
This is a Japanese mailing list. I'm not on it (I don't have Japanese e-mail software), but it's interesting to know that such a thing exists.

Seiyuu Paradise (TEXT ONLY)
Home of Koneko Chat, a Japanese Weiss chatroom I frequent.

A Weiss page. The profile of Takehito Koyasu has a cute little caricature with it.

Contains a male seiyuu popularity survey and semi-current reports on Weiss radio shows.

Distorted Labyrinth (TEXT ONLY)
A muddle of stuff, including some Weiss and seiyuu information.

Some doujinshi illustrations.

Pretty, misty renditions of several Takehito Koyasu characters.

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