What's New?

Moved interview and article translations to a separate page, and put up the March and May "Plan for the New Century" translations.

Added some more new characters and an interview about Koyasu-san's new solo vocal CD, "Merii-san no Koneko."

Added Yato Saegami from the game Soukaigi, thanks to Spyqueen. Also, I changed the title page graphic from a lot of little pictures to one big one.

Finished the translation of the latest Animedia "New Plan" interview on the Profile page. Also, added a pic of Sakuya Kira from Angel Sanctuary to the CD role list, thanks to Kurenai, who sent me a real beauty (too bad I had to crop it).

Takehito Koyasu Illustrated has been reworked into a set of pages under the heading of Takehito Koyasu Works. I made two versions of the page, one with images and in alphabetical order; one without images and in chronological order. Games and CD dramas remain separate, and there is a new page called The Domestic Takehito Koyasu listing anime titles commercially available in the U.S.

I was inspired to make that page because the U.S. anime market has suddenly blossomed with juicy Takehito Koyasu works--Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Saber Marionette J--in the past year. Here's hoping that 1999 shows the release of Master of Mosquiton as well.

A big arigatou to Lois the Loon for telling me about Koyasu-san's role in the Kira Kira Kaoru CD drama, and sending me a picture, too. This motivated me to start a separate listing for audio drama (and game) roles, which has become page two of Takehito Koyasu Illustrated.

Another day, another article. But this article, in combination with the fact that I couldn't find Koyasu-san in any of the new fall programs (well, except for the latest Saber Marionette J sequel), makes me suspect that he might be taking a break from voice acting to move in another direction... In other news, I added Merlein and Black Samurai to the characters page and put up one last early-90s picture.

Translated yet another article for the profile page.

Translated two more articles and put them up on the profile page.

Added one new picture sent to me by Wai-Lee Lau (thanks!) and put up an article I translated from Anime V.

Added three new pictures and reached the conclusion that TK has *not* cut his eartails off, just styled them out of the way for a little while. If I'd had my head on straight, I would have checked the weekly updates of the Koyasu-Hikami no Game Dra Night homepage. I also started a Weiss Kreuz mailing list.

What's new? This "What's New" page is. I should have done this a long time ago. So what else is new? I fixed some little glitches and added a link to Haruka Ten'oh's Koyasu Takehito Shrine.

Added pics for Kotobuki Sukiyabashi (Clamp Campus Detectives) and Minoru Shinohara (Level C) to Takehito Koyasu Illustrated. Also, the Weiß section has been spun off into a separate set of pages, and I added a guestbook.

Has Koyasu-san cut his eartails off? In a series of pictures on page 64 of the July Animedia, it kind of looks that way. Compare this recent picture to one in which he has one eartail tucked behind his ear and one showing.

It's not just that one picture, either; in the others in the series, "w-script.jpg" and "w-castgroup.jpg", he still doesn't have any eartails.

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