You, the type-A girl, were meant for


"There's no flower like 'baby's breath,' is there? I spend my free days playing my beloved piano. That's right, if it's a nice day, I think I'll take a table into the garden and spread a snow-white tablecloth on it. And then I'll make some herbal tea for you. Oh! Why... why are you crying? Your long-wounded heart is hurting you again, isn't it? It's all right. Only here... Only in my heart, you can show your true self. I am the sea. The deep, deep, blue sea. I'll gently wrap your tired soul."

You, with this kind heart, were meant for naive Aya. Any time, anywhere, you will softly, gently watch over him and grant him peace of mind. When he's hurting, hold him silently, because your warmth is the best medicine. It's only a matter of time before he says, "To me, she is a goddess."

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