For the type-C girl, the perfect match is


"Aah, I'm late again! Even though every day I mean to get up at six--! Got to hurry and eat breakfast. Oops! I put miso on my scrambled eggs by mistake. Oh, well. Yummy, yummy. But I've got to get dressed--Waah! There's a big wrinkle right in the middle of my skirt! Mom, do something! That's right, I still have to brush my teeth. Hm? Bleah! This isn't toothpaste, it's facial cleanser! I hate this! Rush, rush. Put on my shoes, okay, bye, I'm leaving! Ah, forgot my train pass. Honestly, I always keep it in my bag, so why... ...I forgot my bag!"

Busybody Omi is perfect for a careless girl like you. He can't just stand by and watch you fail at things big and small over and over. He'll love you for the way you look up at the sky, smile, and say, "Oh, well." Why not let him take care of you to your heart's content?

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