A type-D girl like yourself can be lovey-dovey with


"If I have a spare moment, I'm off to the East and West. I'm very active. After all, when you're in the house, you can't do anything, right? Soak up the sunshine and take a deep breath. Look at how beautiful this green line that stretches out to the blue sky is. You end up smiling without even realizing it, don't you? Yeah, my charm is more or less this smile. My hair is disheveled. I'm wearing a laundry-faded T-shirt and jeans. I can't stand high heels. Sneakers are the best shoes. I wonder if there's anyone who'll like me like this. I keep worrying about that. But after a good night's sleep, for some reason, I just forget all about it. Who needs a boyfriend or anything?"

You, being like this, can be lovey-dovey with unattached-to-love Ken. Ken, who becomes absorbed in things he likes, gives you a good feeling, and he too can feel your strong appeal as you run around with an innocent smile. On first glance, you look like good friends. But really, you're inseparable partners.

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