An E-type girl is good with


"Oh ho ho ho! I wonder if you understand me. There's no way you could. After all, I'm a woman of mystery. Even I don't fully understand myself, so I wonder if you do. Fu fu fu... My likes? Well. Fortune-telling, and charms, and sea urchin, and Peking duck, I suppose. Fortune-telling is my specialty among specialties. Horoscopes, card-reading, "kokkurisan," anything. Love fortunes? I--I do them. For other people, you understand. Because... I'm shy. (po)"

For this mysterious woman, the even more mysterious Persia is good. While riddles call riddles and mysteries lead to mysteries, you'll come to understand yourself (maybe). Then, you will realize your true heart. Mysterious Persia's charm is that mysteriousness! Mmm, it makes you shiver. But of course your relationship will be a secret. Because... you're shy.

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