The first Weiß photo collection, Voice of Weiß (Tokuma Shoten, ISBN 4-19-720031-5), isn't only pictures; it also contains a fascinating wealth of interviews and discussions. During a photo shoot, the four members of Weiß individually answered the same fifty questions, revealing the differences in their personalities that round out the successful unit. The first set of questions, presented here, deal with the unit and the story.

Fifty Questions Part I:

Questions 1 ~ 13

translated from Voice of Weiß by sumire

1. What are your thoughts on this photo session?
Takehito Koyasu (TK): It's fun. I was nervous, but because it's with the other members, it's fun.
Tomokazu Seki (TS): I'm still embarrassed. I'm getting used to it.
Shin-ichiro Miki (SM): No good. If I get into the role, it's fine, but... I'm probably not used to it. I like the scene's atmosphere.
Hiro Yuki (HY): There's a good atmosphere, so I can do it without a lot of effort. I'm grateful to everybody for making this kind of workplace.

2. In the [fictional] work "Weiß," what story (job) would you like to try?
TK: I'd like to try fighting a smart opponent who freely uses high-tech equipment. Even though we have the same weapons as always, we have a hard fight and somehow defeat him--that kind of story would be good.
TS: Sneaking into the inner palace. ...wrong era? I'd like to risk life and limb and sneak into the Diet [the Japanese National Parliament] or someplace you normally can't get into.
SM: Just do what's been given to me as best I can.
HY: I feel like the story has already gone way beyond my imagination, so I'll just be surprised by the story that has already been written.

3. What "Weiß" character other than your own would you like to try playing?
TK: I'd like to try all the members of "Weiß." Lately, I've been thinking that all four might be other parts of myself, the characters you'd get if I were divided into four parts.
TS: I'd like to try playing a villainous politician or something. A character who gets killed off sounds fun.
SM: There isn't one. I put all my strength into Yoji.
HY: There are a lot of things to do with Omi, so I haven't been moved by any other roles yet.

4. Which "Weiß" member would make the best friend?
TK: I think I could become friends with all of them. As I was just saying, they're part of me, so I know how to get along with them.
TS: Ken, I guess. Since he's pretty open.
SM: Well, that's...
HY: Ken-kun, I guess, since he's the easiest to understand. His purity and clearness are his good points.

5. If you were a girl, who in "Weiß" would you want for a boyfriend?
TK: It would have to be Ken, wouldn't it. The reason is that he has the fewest obstacles. (laughs) Ken is probably the most honest with people.
TS: Ken, I guess, since he seems ordinary. The others seem like they'd give you problems.
SM: For going out, Yoji is the best, isn't he. But I might be uneasy about being trifled with. Girls aren't stupid, they know when they're being strung along.
HY: I wouldn't like any of them. (laughs) They all look troublesome. If I had to say one, then Ken, maybe.

6. If you could say one thing to your character, what would it be?
TK: Something along the lines of, "The world isn't only hardship, you know." If you tried to encourage him, he'd sulk, then in the future, he'd probably think, "Was that meant to cheer me up?"
TS: "Ussu!" or "Yo~!", something like that. Or "How's it going?" (laughs)
SM: It would depend on the circumstances, but I wouldn't call out to him.
HY: "You don't have to push yourself so hard!"

7. From your perspective, what do you and your character have in common?
TK: The fact that we speak our minds. Aya is a character who calls a spade a spade, and I'm kind of like that too.
TS: We both like children. Oh, I don't mean that I have a Lolita complex or anything. (laughs)
SM: We're completely alike. Since it's my role, there are parts I have to work at to understand, but essentially, we're the same.
HY: The way we work too hard. We're alike in wondering if we shouldn't drive ourselves to the point where we become overloaded.

8. If your character were to declare his love to someone, what would he say?
TK: "I'll protect you," I guess.
TS: He'd say it straightforwardly, wouldn't he. "I've gotten to like you, wanna get it on?" (laughs)
SM: I think he wouldn't be the one to declare his love. ...If I say any more, it'll uncover the secrets of this role, so I won't say any more.
HY: It would probably be something along the lines of "I always want to be with you."

9. Give a message to "Weiß" fans who were unable to attend the event.
TK: I'm very sorry. We inconvenienced you. Hiro-kun will make his pants shorter, so please forgive us.
TS: I think there will be other chances, so don't miss them. Even the stormy night must break.
SM: I think what we did was inexcusable. In my heart, I wanted to meet everyone equally, but there was the matter of arranging the location and other things. Even the people who could come had a hard time because they had to stand. Maybe people who couldn't come thought it was a shame after hearing about it. But under the circumstances, there was a limit to what I could do, so... I'm really very sorry.
HY: I wanted to meet everyone equally, but I'm thinking even if I apologize, I can't apologize enough. We'll make another opportunity to appear in front of everyone, so don't give up, please come.

10. Respond to fans whose expectations [for the event] were surpassed.
TK: I'm truly sorry. To make it up to you, Seki-kun will get in shape, so please forgive us.
TS: Thank you very much. Please continue to show us your favor.
SM: I think that cheering was for Yoji, so it just doesn't come to me. I don't mean that carelessly--I think all my life, it won't come.
HY: I'd like to skillfully return the power that all the fans have given us.

11. What costume-play would you like to have Birman do?
TK: I'd like her to dress for those "no-panty coffee shops" they used to have. We'd bring mirrors to listen to our missions. (laughs)
TS: A homeless person. Because there are hardly any homeless beautiful women. I'd also like to see her in glasses as a sharp office lady.
SM: She's limited by the situations she appears in. Because she's established as a beautiful woman, no matter what she does, she makes a pretty picture.
HY: ...Birman, right? Not Kikuko-chan? (laughs) Bike gear or something sporty might be cool.

12. To you, who is an "unforgivable person"?
TK: I can't forgive myself. Leaving things half-finished and avoiding troublesome work--I hate that. It makes me sick.
TS: Mean people.
SM: It's me, when I thought, "some people are unforgivable."
HY: A person who betrays others for his own profit.

13. Who is a "person you want to protect"?
TK: (turns to the tape recorder) YOU!
TS: All my friends. It's important to treasure your friends.
SM: It's impossible. I can't protect anyone.
HY: Someone I hold dear. Because I don't think about big things like world peace. (laughs) be continued...