(translated by sumire from an article in the August 1998 issue of Animedia)


Without one woman among them, four beach boys. For our female readers, a Weiss swimsuit shot has been BANG BA--honorably prepared. There's one who just wouldn't strip. According to associate producer ____ Nishikawa's image, apparently 'Aya' and 'vacation' don't go together. "Even supposing the four of them went to the beach, Aya would be sleeping under an umbrella with sunglasses on." Furthermore, this summer, "From episode 13, the highlight will be his confrontation with the Takatori family, the time to find out whether or not he'll get his revenge. For Aya, it's a while yet before he gets a break."

It seems that Takehito Koyasu, who plays the role of Aya, would also like to pass on summer. "I had a painful experience once. I was playing in the pool, and at some point, I got burned to the point of being roasted. I was about to die. Even though my body was hot, I was cold inside. While I was shivering gatagata, there were lots of futons piled on top of me. I thought, 'Am I going to die like this? What a disgrace.' Since then, I haven't liked the beach in summer and things like that. I'm scared."

That's right, that's right, if they were to get sunburned, it would ruin their cool image. Since they have such [nice] smooth skin, they've got to take care of it *heartmark*

the accompanying illustration: the four characters lounging on the beach

CAPTION: These four never had fun all together, so this is a valuable shot, isn't it? But they're checking you out together. Who would you choose? If it's Aya, he can't wear a bathing suit this year.