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KBS' Weiß (radio) Page (http://kbs-kyoto.co.jp/radio/weis/weis.htm)
Has one photo of the seiyuu in costume, a mini-interview, and fan club information.
(removed 5/4/99)

NEC's Weiß Kreuz (audio) Page (http://www.neic.co.jp/music/weib/)
A nice-looking page with CD and video information, including cover images. You can also see scans of handwritten messages from the seiyuu.
(new URL 1/18/99)

Polygram Animation Network's Weiß (anime) Page (http://www.polygram.co.jp/anipoly/work/wei/index.htm)
A little information on the Weiss Kreuz anime and lots of character sketches. As of 9/17/98, there's a neat RealAudio sample of a recent Weiss event. Scream along with the Japanese fans

Dance Macabre (http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ha/kiyochi/)
The prototype home page of Weiss manga-ka Kyoko Tsuchiya.
(added 5/4/99)

Mind Dive BannerMIND DIVE (http://plaza4.mbn.or.jp/~minddive/)
The home page of Kazuya Nishioka a.k.a. K.N the Giant, who wrote the music for Weiss' songs, and Mind Dive, the backup band at the Weiss concerts.
(checked 2/12/99)

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