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The Weiss Kreuz Mailing List (WKML) is a place for the discussion of the anime/manga/radio show Weiss Kreuz and the seiyuu unit Weiss (Takehito Koyasu, Tomokazu Seki, Shin'ichiro Miki, and Hiro Yuuki), and semi-related topics.  

Things are pretty mellow, and the only rules that we've needed to make so far are:

  1. Label all spoilers with a [spoiler] tag in the subject line and insert a page of space before your spoiler,
  2. Label off-topic posts with an [OT] tag in the subject line, and
  3. Reply by private e-mail instead of to the mailing list if you're only addressing one person.

Aside from that, basic common sense should see you through. ^_^

To subscribe, send an empty message to

If you're interested in Weiss Kreuz but don't want to get a lot of e-mail, become an online ML member! Just visit the WKML archive at, choose to "join the group," register with eGroups (quick 'n' easy), and edit your subscription preference to select "Read it on the web" (you can also choose to receive a daily digest version of the WKML).

If you'd like your profile to be added to the WKML Known Members List, see or email with your nickname (or real name, if you prefer), email address, webpage URL, gender, age, school level (or "working" if you're working), geographic location, and/or other useful information, like ICU #.

If you have any problems or questions, contact (that's actually me, so will accomplish the same thing).

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