1/5/99: Updated the magazines page with more Animedia contents.

9/30/99: I scanned the cover of "Peace" and put up a handful of scans in the image section. More to come!

9/26/99: Yes, I'm finally back online and working on these pages! I've updated the magazines page with the contents of the August, September, and November issues of Animedia and written a brief review of the third photo book "Peace" (if you're happy and you know it, buy this book).
Future plans: scans from "Peace," a new goods page, and a long-overdue update of the links page (it's been so long, I'm afraid to even start checking the links... :P)

6/16/99: Lots of new stuff:

Fear not, Weiss fans, although the TV series may be over, a two-part OAV has been scheduled for a fall/winter release, a music clip animation video is slated for September, and the drama CDs are still going strong under the somewhat strange title of "Dramatic Precious." ^_^; For more details, check out the video and CD pages.

I finally added the contents of the May, June, and July issues of Animedia to the magazine page. Would you believe Weiss Kreuz ranked 6th in the July Animedia readers' poll of best anime series of all time? It beat out Gundam W, Rurouni Kenshin, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo!, Ranma 1/2, and Cowboy Bebop, among others, so I think all this poll really proves is that every Weiss Kreuz fan in existence reads Animedia and maybe buys multiple copies. ^_^; For further proof of the magazine/series correlation, consider that over at Animage, which also ran a readers' poll recently, Trigun made the top 10 and Weiss Kreuz didn't even place. You know, based solely on the first four episodes of each, I'm inclined to say that Trigun is waaaay better than Weiss Kreuz--can I be slipping?! In fact, in my recent fansub order from White Cross, I deliberately neglected to request Weiss Kreuz Vol. 2 in the hopes of getting my Trigun tapes faster... ^_^;;; ::sumire is seized and dragged off towards a vat of boiling tar by irate Weiss-worshipers:: No! Stop! Who'll translate the Takehito Koyasu interviews for you? HEEELP! Bokushi-san, save me!!!

*ahem* Returning to the topic at hand, also ranking in the Animedia readers' poll were Omi and Aya (13th and 14th, respectively, in the male character division), and Aya-chan (just squeaking onto the charts at number 20 in the female character division).

...that's all for now, folks. Tune in next time, same Weiss-time, same Weiss-channel...

6/9/99: Oops. Another month between updates. My excuse this time is that I've got a Trigun obsession that's just consuming my life lately. Anyway, I originally translated the "50 Questions" interview from "Voice of Weiss" for the fanzine Abyssinian, but since that project has been stalled for months, I'm going to go ahead and put it up on the seiyuu page. It's a really great read--check it out! More updates coming soon...

5/9/99: Whoa... it's been a while. Sorry--I was over at Koyasu Takehito-san ga Daisuki! working on some translations. Anyway, not too many major changes, but I found the neatest Animage article about Tomokazu Seki last week, and I got my very own scanner this week, so I'm putting these here for the time being:

Yes, these are photos of Seki-kun as a little kid. About the one on the left, he says, "The barrette was a necessary object back then. It was my mother's preference. (laughs) I guess she really wanted a girl." On the right is "The Fukagawa Fudouson [temple] summer festival. I used to have a part-time job here. I would do things like sweep the temple grounds and sell good-luck tokens." All together, now: KAWAIIIII!!!

3/15/99: Put up the Weiss Love Love Chart, a silly flow-chart quiz that tells you which assassin-cum-florist you were meant to be with. Also, I reorganized the media and links sections.

NEWS: There is a new Weiss spin-off radio drama called "Crushers" (or perhaps "Crashers"). The whole team isn't in it, though, it's a side story about Ran before he joined Weiss. Toshihiko (not Tomokazu) Seki co-stars with Takehito Koyasu. The drama is currently airing on "Koyasu Takehito no Radio Marine," Wednesdays at 10:30 pm on AM Kobe. (As if any of you reading this are in Kobe ^_^;) The OP theme, "Look of Love," is sung by Toshihiko Seki, and the ED theme, "Someday," is sung by Takehito Koyasu. These two songs are available on a CD single from Marine Entertainment (MMDM-1005, ¥1050). The drama CD is set to be released on May 21.

3/14/99: Added a guide to magazines with Weiss content; it's linked from the media page.

3/10/99: I'm in the process of checking and updating the links page. I've added a lot of new Japanese pages--for some reason, YoujixKen coupling sites have been popping up like mushrooms. I guess spring is in the air.

2/21/99:Lots of new stuff. First, I've added the brands section, which lists various name brands of clothing the seiyuu have been photographed in.
Next, after a long wait, there's a new translation, of
anime episode 17. (You know what makes me work so slowly? The dialogue is a cinch--it's translating all the descriptions that absolutely kills me. Also, it's not easy, you know, trying to translate dialogue you've never heard and actions you've never seen. Anybody who wants me to crank out scripts quickly, send tapes. Please. That'll help me make the dialogue more idiomatic, too. ^_^)
And finally, I set all the fonts to Ariel, as you may or may not have noticed.

1/20/99: Scanned a bunch of images from Voice of Weiß and Du lugst. Kakko ii!

1/18/99: Moved CD track listings to a separate page and added some drama track titles. Started working on a books page with reviews of the first two photo collections.

12/19/98: Added translations of the German titles very kindly done by XODS.

11/23/98: Revamped the design a bit (whaddya think?) and put up a translation of anime episode 16.

11/18/98: Added four rather old concert pics from Animage and put up a fanart section. *sweatdrop* Coming soon: TV episode translations! Maybe.

10/24/98: Linked to two Tomokazu Seki pics and updated the media page with TV episode titles and ISBNs.

10/20/98: Updated the links page and joined the Weiß Kreuz webring. Personally, I don't have the patience to go inching my way around webrings, but the "list sites" function is useful, so I thought I'd go for it.

10/16/98: I put up a little more seiyuu information and a translated interview with Tomokazu Seki on the seiyuu page.

9/24/98: Since I'm calling this "The White Pages," I figured I'd better make them white. ^_^; There are some new CD and video listings in the media section, character descriptions translated from the Weiß Kreuz Visual Guide Book, one new seiyuu picture, and I've overhauled the links page and added banners. And last but not least, I've just started a Weiss Kreuz Mailing List. To join, send a blank e-mail to *whew*

8/26/98: Hello and welcome to my Weiß page in its new incarnation as a spin-off of Koyasu Takehito-san ga Daisuki! (plug, plug). I just put up some bad translations of the TV episode titles and *finally* linked to Project Omi (gomen, ne, Ilyna). Next, I hope to scrape up at least a title graphic for this page; it looks kind of blah. Now, on with the show.

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