Gokinjo Monogatari, Volume 3

Chapter 11

Body-ko decides to pass up a reunion with Shuu-chan in order to participate in Akindo's first sales event, but her newfound zeal for the club is dampened by the presence of the newest member, Ayumi. Body-ko's coldness towards Ayumi ruins an Akindo get-together. Shintaro tells his sister she should be more serious about her relationships, but she lashes out at him.

Yuusuke gives Body-ko a calcium bar on which he's written, "If you're better, let's go on a date next week." Ayumi tells Body-ko she won't interfere with her and Yuusuke, but Body-ko retorts, "Don't lie to me! You like him, don't you?" Ayumi admits she does like Yuusuke, but tells Body-ko that Yuusuke said Body-ko was only using him for transportation. Body-ko realizes how others see her, but feels helpless to change.

Chapter 12: Akindo's Grand Opening

Ruriko, Noriji, and Toku-chan come to see Akindo's stall at the flea market, and are shocked to find it overrun with children. Risa is showing her fashions to a little punk boy, Pii-chan is doing a brisk business in stuffed animals, Tsutomu and Shintaro are offering their figurines as prizes in a ring-toss game, and Ayumi is managing the lines of kids waiting to play Jiro's video game and have their portraits drawn by Yuusuke... but Mikako hasn't sold a single item because the clothes she made are her size--too small for ordinary people. Hamada- sensei tells her that a designer can't choose the people who wear her clothes, and encourages her to try again.

Meanwhile, Body-ko, who has fled her responsibilities to Akindo, tells Yuusuke she doesn't feel any better. Yuusuke tells her to stop picking on Ayumi anyway. She says, "Who do you think is making me act this way?" too softly for him to hear.

Back at Akindo, Mikako makes her first sale--Midori Saejima (heroine of Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai), in a cameo appearance, buys a winged mini-backpack. Mikako's spirits rise.

Chapter 13: Double Birthday

It's birthday time for Mikako and Tsutomu, who were born two days apart. Mikako receives a Mambo CD and poster from Risa and a Berry-chan doll from Pii-chan.

With Body-ko so tempermental, it's awkward for Akindo to meet at her apartment, so they plan to make Ayumi's garage into their studio.

Body-ko, frustrated and tired, finds Yuusuke waiting to take her out on a date. They kiss.

Mikako asks her mother for a computer for her birthday, but there's something she secretly wants much more. At the joint birthday party at the Blue Parrot, Mikako gets her computer, but in a quiet moment alone, she thinks, "Papa, I've turned 17."

Chapter 14: Papa

Tsutomu and Mikako walk home together (their parents are still drinking at the Blue Parrot). She gives him the shirt she made in class--but then she takes it back again, because it hasn't been graded yet. She also gives him the key to her scooter. He gives her a handmade locket.

At home, Mikako searches for a photograph of her father to put in the locket, but her mother has thrown them all away.

The next day at school, Body-ko and Yuusuke go off with their arms around each other. Ayumi can't bring herself to smile and congratulate them.

Mikako breaks down crying thinking of her father, and Tsutomu grants her deepest wish by giving her a photograph of her father--since they've been neighbors since before the divorce, there were plenty of pictures of him in Tsutomu's family album.

Chapter 15

Tsutomu and Mikako go to an exhibit of her father's photographs. In the guest book, she signs her name "Mikako Sakurada" to let her father know that she's still his daughter. Her father drops by the gallery just minutes later, and they are finally reunited on the beach. Meanwhile, Ruriko is paying a visit to that same gallery...

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