Gokinjo Monogatari

Gokinjo Monogatari ("Neighborhood Story") is a shoujo manga by Ai Yazawa-sensei, originally published in Ribon magazine. It also was made into a one-season anime series. It's the story of Mikako Kouda, a creative, energetic girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the boy next door, and their friends at the Yazawa School of Design. It's got a much more stylized, cartoony style of drawing than Yazawa-sensei's previous works, and what really set it apart are the characters' extremely stylish clothes.

11/9/98: The first draft of everything I want to put on this page is finished. I'm going to finish the cover scans and background images (and make the existing backgrounds lighter) when I can get home and pick up the rest of the manga.

2/10/99: While checking out the Shoujo Manga Mailing List, I discovered that (::gasp::) there are other Gokinjo Monogatari fans out there, so I have some incentive to work on these pages. If you're reading this, my future plans for this page include: 1) finishing scanning the covers, 2) editing the synopses, 3) doing some actual design work on this web page (sorry it's so plain and ugly right now--it's totally against the spirit of Gokinjo Monogatari), and 4) doing actual line-by-line translations of the manga.

5/14/99: Task #1 completed! All covers are up!


Other People, Places, and Things

Manga Synopses
Volume 1 Cover: Mikako
Volume 1
Volume 2 Cover: Tsutomu
Volume 2
Volume 3 Cover: Body-ko
Volume 3
Volume 4 Cover: Yuusuke
Volume 4
Volume 5 Cover: Risa
Volume 5
Volume 6 Cover: Jiro
Volume 6
Volume 7 Cover: Ayumi
Volume 7

This space would be a good place to put stuff about the art book, "Welcome to the Gokinjo World," but I don't own it. Sorry.

Cameo Appearances by Ten-Nai Characters

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